Where are all the residencies in the Seattle/Tacoma area? Where are all the residencies in the Seattle/Tacoma area? | allnurses

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Where are all the residencies in the Seattle/Tacoma area?

  1. 0 My graduation date is looming large (mid-December) and I've been on the hunt for residencies. There have been a couple, and I applied to them...but otherwise hunting for residencies feels like a game of whack-a-mole! It posts, and if I am not at my computer or able to apply right then, the posting is pulled down within hours! *sigh*

    I've applied to Harborview and UW candidate banks, but otherwise I've just been applying to a few regular RN postings, several people have advised me to just apply to just about anything.

    Any suggestions/advice? I'm locked into this area because my husband has a good job and is doing well, and my teenage daughter would probably die if I uprooted her now. I know it's a competitive market, but there's bound to be *something* out there.
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    Hello, I'm graduating here in just over 3 months and I plan on applying to nearly EVERYTHING I can come mid to end of January.. I'm currently a working LPN in Assisted Living so I don't feel I am at a huge advantage but I've been apply to nurse tech positions and am really hoping my preceptorship this last quarter will give me a foot in the door.. Im also signing up for some volunteer opportunities and a job shadow to hopefully network and help out a bit!

    I say just keep your eye out and apply to as much as you can!

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    Who did you contact about a job shadow? Are you allowed to give any patient care, or do you strictly watch the nurse?