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    Hi I am a transfer student and I am planning on applying to WSU's BSN program. I know they only take about 15% of transfer students each semester. My nursing pre-req gpa is a 3.92 but my overall is only a 3.60. I failed a class before and nursing CAS does not replace the grade even though I retook the class. I was wondering if any other transfer students got in with a lower overall but had a high nursing pre-req gpa? I am worried I won't even get an interview.

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    You might want to call nursingcas and ask if they will replace that score since you did take it again. If you retook the class before you applied shouldn't your transcript reflect the higher grade? Where did you do your pre reqs? What semester are you applying for?
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    I checked their website and I guess they don't let you replace grades even if you retook the class.I am taking them at SCC. I'm planning on applying for next spring semester.
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    Honestly, overall that isnt a bad GPA and you shouldnt be worried too much about it. However, since you arent applying till Spring... 2014 I'm assuming you should have to worry about that class being on there, you will have to start a new application once the open the application cycle for the semester you are applying for and you'll have to send new transcripts and that failing grade shouldnt count towards your GPA. (I'm pretty sure if you fail a class and retake it getting a passing grade it will be replaced with the higher grade on your transcript).
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    I applied to WSU Fall 2013 program. I'm 28, and have a TERRIBLE academic history following me. (partied too much in my early 20's.....................) So my cumulative GPA in nursingcas looks really low. But my GPA now is 3.6, so, I'm hoping they actually look at your transcripts and do an evaluation aside from just looking at the CAS GPA number. I mean, it's not a very "fair" evaluation criteria if they only base their initial evaluation off one number. Just my opinion though!
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    I called nursing CAS and they said they don't replace the grades even if the school has a forgiveness policy. What a bummer because if WSU did their own GPA calculations I'm sure they would replace the grade. ObrienMP, are you a transfer student as well? When do you find out if you get an interview?
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    I spoke to someone from the WSU Spokane admissions office, she said they don't replace grades and because they count every single class I have ever taken in my life , it makes my GPA look like it's 2.5...She said I can write a letter of appeal to the student board. I'm going to because I'm not sure their approach is very "Fair."
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    Really I wonder how often they actually appeal the grade for you. I totally agree though because I failed a class and retook the class and got a 3.7 come to find out just a few weeks later that they will not replace the grade!
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    You should talk to someone with the nursing school, if you call the front office ask for someone who can help with application possess. I Have a friend in the program that is in her 40's and had grades from college when she was in her 20's on her application even though they werent anything to do with nursing. I think you need to get ahold of someone actually at WSU college of nursing to explore this more. They will know more about the admissions process and tell you what exactly they look at on the nursingcas application.
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    So, when are we going to hear from "WSU". Haven't heard from them ever since I submitted my application in December. Looks like their process takes a little bit longer. I thought we should have hear from them by now, because application was sent last year.

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