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Washington State Requirements

  1. 0 Does Washington require that all RN's have a bachelor's?

    I'm looking to be licensed in the state so I can travel and noticed that they kept saying "applicants shall have a bachelor's degree." Does that mean all RN's in Washington are baccalaureate prepared?

    Just curious.

    Thanks for the information.

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    No, Washington state does not require a BA, in fact there really is no huge pay differences between the two. I am a LPN currently laddering up to RN (non-BA program).
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    Thank you, Helix. That really confused me. I didn't think anyone was requiring bachelor's degrees.

    Thank you, again, for clearing that up for me!!!

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    Washington also doesn't require CEUs
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    They don't???????

    How come?
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    I don't know, but they don't.
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    GardenDove is correct, they don't. I thought it was weird too....but there it is.
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    Thanks for the info. You guys really cleared things up for me.

    Take care,

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    What I have noticed here in washington being an Associated Degree holder is most hospital prefer a BSN and will hire a BSN before an ADN (if they have the choice). The other thing I have noticed is the only thing a BSN gets you is a mangement position if you want it. The pay in almost all instances is exactly the same, based on your experience. Matter of fact I make more than some nurses with a BSN strictly based on experience.