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  1. Hi All
    Just wondering what you all know about VM? I might start working there soonish and want to get a feel for the hospital. Also anyone know what color their nurse wear for scrubs.

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  3. by   RxOnly
    I'm not sure how much help this response will be- but I work in a new internal medicine clinic owned by a major Boston hospital. They are big on the Virginia Mason movement. It's all about efficiency and safety. How can you accomplish your tasks with the least amount of excess time/movement whilst having all the supplies you need right at your fingertips? It's about creating SAFE shortcuts. Eliminating waste- stocking only supplies you actually use, and keeping them in a location that makes sense. It's about streamlined communication so that everyone is on the same page. I think some of the MD offices around the country that a really hard-core about VM have even eliminated waiting rooms. The rational being that when you arrive for your appointment on time, the doctor should be running effectively and efficiently enough to see you right on time. Of course this is a perfect world...

    I'm guessing that the Virginia Mason hospital will be big on patient safety, efficiency, and both patient AND employee satisfaction. I don't know much about uniforms, but I would guess that nurses would be in one particular color so that they are easily identifiable (going along with efficiency).

    Sorry my response is geared more toward the clinic- but I can definitely see how it would apply to the hospital setting!