University of Washington accelerated BSN summer 2013

  1. Hello!

    I applied for the accelerated BSN October 15th and just completed my proctored essay yesterday, October 18th! I live out of state so I had to do it at a testing center. Anyone else apply for summer 2013?

    I was surprised at how easy the essay and math calculations were. It seemed like something a 6th grader could do...

    The online informational slide show was encouraging. They said there are approximately 48 open slots for approx 96 applicants (at least that was in '11/'12). Those are better chances than for many other accelerated programs around the country! But I'm still nervous since the US News ranking listed UW #1 for nursing programs! That's great but I would imagine to make it very competitive.

    Anyone else applying to other accelerated BSN programs around the country?
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
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  4. by   macrina
    Yes, I applied for the 2013 ABSN at UW, too. I liked the essay questions. Which one did you do? I did the mental health one. I was so glad the math was as easy as it was. I don't relish the next couple months of waiting, but I was very encouraged to hear her say that last year they made it through their entire waitlist - makes me feel there is good hope even if I don't get a seat off the top. I'm over on the Olympic Peninsula with a family and lots of local responsibilities, so it will be a real life-changer for my whole family if I get in. That's the hardest part of waiting to find out.

    Good luck!

  5. by   ldytrjn
    Hey all, I applied as well. I agree about the proctored essay being very easy. I chose the elderly patient myself. I was so nervous through it though. It was pretty encouraging that she said they went through the entire waitlist. @minnie she said that there were 48 slots & about 142 applied.

    @macrina Did she say that we were supposed to get a preliminary letter saying that our app will or will not go through to the committee?
  6. by   celticsgirl17
    I heard we will find out in mid-December, do they interview?
  7. by   ldytrjn
    No, they don't interview. They said they should get back to us the 3rd week of December
  8. by   danaraec
    Has anyone heard anything from UW yet? wishing you all luck!
  9. by   ldytrjn
    The addmissions page says that decisions have been mailed. Best of luck to all
  10. by   intelligentqueen1
    I received my acceptance letter yesterday! 😊
  11. by   macrina
    I was accepted as well. Now for all the logistics....
    I am about 90% sure I'm going to take it. But I have a lot of figuring out to do with my family. I will be moving over from Port Townsend for the year.

    Anybody else know if you're going to do the program for sure?
  12. by   celticsgirl17
    I was waitlisted. How many people do they accept?
  13. by   abalone
    They accept 48ish students. I got in last year, paid to save my seat but, in the end, accepted admission into UW's BSN program instead. I would guess that the stats for students on the ABSN wait list are pretty darn good (I know several students in my cohort that were in a similar situation with UW BSN program, and I'm sure there are others that get into diff places, ABSN or BSN, and withdraw). But, the wait may be pretty long as regular BSN programs don't get back to students about admissions for a while yet. GOOD LUCK!
    To those that are in: Look forward to REALLY long nights, tired days, and high stress. It's worth it but man, there will be days you'll want hit you head against a wall or fall asleep in patho. Just remind yourself over and over that it's worth it and maybe have a countdown! GOOD LUCK!!!!
  14. by   celticsgirl17
    Abalone, if you don't mind me asking what made you decide on the BSN vs. the ABSN?