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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

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    I was wondering if anybody else is applying post bacc student. if YES are suppose to submit Post bacc application by feb 15 or you wait until u get accepted to their program.

    Thank you

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    No, get your Post Bacc application in ASAP. Last year it was supposed to be in at or before the BSN application was due.
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    Thank you abalone!! its due Feb 15..I was just finishing statement of purpose for the post bacc..I just hate writing other personal statement
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    Quote from Jessica S
    I'm glad that they don't expect you to be an all out know it all with nursing school knowledge, I'm currently an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force & a little intimidated with all of my fellow applicants that have 5,000 hours in their jobs, just going to try my best, listen to all your suggestions & hope for the best

    This is the whole point of the essay. DO NOT put any healthcare treatments into the essay, none of us are nurses yet. This isn't a "nursing care case". This is what YOU as a HUMAN would do. Why did you choose this case, why did you not choose the other two cases, what will you gain both personally and professionally from such an experience.

    I have well over 6000 hours of experience in a Level One Trauma Center. I chose the case that was not ER related and I made it very clear why I did not choose the one where I was most comfortable. I told them I chose the option that I had no experience in because I wanted experience that I have not yet encountered. Some power words that many here might not see unless they read this whole paragraph, "create a therapeutic healing environment", if the case calls for it use any experiences you have to become a "culturally competent care provider", lastly know how to utilize all of your resources, Social Work, Spiritual Care, any personal experiences you can enlist to gain your patients trust.

    Hope this helps... Just think we have a former "rock star" with NO experience in our cohort...
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    Thank you so much JLoya! That makes me feel much better about tomorrow, I sincerely appreciate it!!
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    Quote from Brightbulb
    I was wondering if anybody else is applying post bacc student. if YES are suppose to submit Post bacc application by feb 15 or you wait until u get accepted to their program. Thank you
    I attended the info session in September and the speaker said that any student that already had a bachelors had to apply to the ABSN program - that they could not apply for the BSN program? My friend applied and got in to the ABSN for 2013. The deadline was in November I think. At the info session, she also said that they exhaust their wasp it list for the ABSN program every year so I suppose thAt could mean they'd still accept applications if there's room in the program.
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    Wait list..... Not wasp list
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    One quick question!!

    How long did you guys wrote for the proctored essay? Seems like the maximum length is 2 page. How long do they expect us to write?

    Was it 2-page double space or sing space?

    Also, since we can't use pencil, how can we make any corrections? Do we just cross it out or can we use the whiteout?
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    It's handwritten so it is hard to single space or double space (not even sure how you would do that). Just write enough to get your point across and keep it within 2 page limit. Also I made corrections by crossing things out so it's no big deal.
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    OK, here's a question I haven't seen addressed: When I am writing fast, I tend to want to revert to medical shorthand/ abbreviations and such (I worked as a medical asst. for years). Is that an acceptable thing to do, since nursing instructors are reading it (one would assume) or does it need to be in standard English?

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