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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

  1. by   Just_keep_swimming
    JLoya, I used one of your power words, but pretty much felt like I just repeated myself throughout, thanks again for all your help.

    Good luck to everyone, we may have done better than we thought!!

    Does it matter if they finished there essay or math, do they automatically get DQ'd?
  2. by   fn2012
    I think not finishing the math isn't an automatic DQ, some of my classmates said they didn't finish the math and are in the class so...
  3. by   hudabelle
    Hi all, I have been lurking and reading your posts for a couple days. I was so nervous last night and am pretty sure my paper will be framed in the admissions office as a "what NOT to accept" example heheh. My handwriting was shaky and I am pretty sure I repeated myself way too many times, and I didn't have a proper conclusion. I'm sure they take serious major stress in to account right?? Right?!?!?! hehehe (I'm still nervous for some reason) Now to go finish studying for the midterm I get to take tonight. I have been so busy with school for so long I am afraid I will be lost when I finally graduate and only have a job to worry about. haha

    Good Luck to all of you. I wish us all the best.
  4. by   Just_keep_swimming
    I just wish I understood how they decide who makes the cut. They want us to follow directions to the T, yet when people don't, they still get a chance, I'm just freaking out...I need to calm down...

    *walking away to eat some chocolate*
  5. by   suzw
    I know, right? I have a midterm tonight too, that I have had a very hard time concentrating on studying for because I've been too nervous about yesterday. Major cram session today. Hey wait, are you in O-chem at EdCC?
  6. by   Just_keep_swimming
    Good luck tonight!! No, I'm done with all my pre-reqs but thought about digging through the books to refresh myself on it, pretty sure I brain dumped all that
  7. by   ccline24
    In response to the line: Very much agreed. Honestly if you had to cheat then that person has no reason of being there in the first place.
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  8. by   SaraFutureNurse?
    Really feeling bummed today....too much time to sit and figure out what I could have done differently I guess. I'm trying to look for the positives, but it's so hard to wait and just not know, and to have the what-ifs running at full speed through my brain.
    I need some hobbies, ha ha!
  9. by   Just_keep_swimming
    My hobbies include sulking, going over said what ifs, and planning how I'll write for next year's essay lol... Yep, today was a bummer, but I keep hoping that maybe we did better than we think! have a little faith, we both might be shocked in a month and a half!
  10. by   SaraFutureNurse?
    Thanks for the words of confidence, Jessica S!
    Your hobbies sound shockingly similar to mine!
  11. by   Just_keep_swimming
    We gotta try to support each! I've tried talking to other friends but they don't get my stress level, or why I'm second guessing everything, the essay had nothing to do with how to care about the patient, I know we were warned, and we aren't nurses, but I am still going through it wishing I wrote this or that... I picked #3, way out of comfort zone, but now I'm not sure if that was a smart movement, but honestly none were in comfort zone, lol, I don't know anything about nursing! I just kept talking about learning new pain management techniques, and helping them cope with the life changing event, etc....ugh I hate waiting & not knowing!
  12. by   SaraFutureNurse?
    My poor husband has been trying to talk me off the proverbial cliff, and I got so mad last night I just yelled that he didn't get it. I felt horrible! But you're right - unless someone has been in our shoes, they probably don't understand the stress of waiting and second-guessing.
    I think all we could do is discuss what learning opportunities would come from working with the patient we chose, and how we could do our best as their nurse to offer comfort. Really, I didn't write anything much more than that.
  13. by   Just_keep_swimming
    Only 6ish weeks til we find know, no stress.... Need to take up knitting or something