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Hi everyone! So I was lucky enough to get into the nursing program of winter 2013! Got picked in the lottery! So I got an email a couple days after saying I need to reply to it & do a survey & that... Read More

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    Thank you for that! I just checked my email and we got our schedule & times too! Such a relief ! I guess we'll be divided into three groups for clinicals!
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    Hi Alka
    Have you been able to log in to NCPD website? I am too having trouble locating the log in link, as it was mentioned in Christine's e-mail.
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    Hi there guys! I applied for Winter program 2014 and unfortunately didn't get picked. So closed though and I believe they only take the first 24 students on the list. Anyways, I heard the orientation is on the 21st of this month so if anyone here knows of any students who don't make it to the orientation please let me know. Hopefully some will decline, get in to another school, relocate. etc. I want this sooo bad and I'm desperate LOL. Thank you guys