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Hi everyone! So I was lucky enough to get into the nursing program of winter 2013! Got picked in the lottery! So I got an email a couple days after saying I need to reply to it & do a survey & that they would send additional info... Read More

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    Hi everyone,I was lucky to get into RN program for winter Quarter, but still did not receive second email
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    welcome to the boat of having to wait, maybe we'll get something tomorrow
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    Does anyone know when the program starts? Does it start when tcc starts winter quarter or is it delayed?
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    Hi, did anyone receive a second email today?
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    Hi fellow TCC Nursing students! I was also picked to start the program Winter 2013. I was getting worried because I have not received any emails as well. I called Christine today and she said that we should receive something either today (I checked-nothing yet) or tomorrow. So I am thinking we should all receive an email tomorrow. Really excited to start and meet everyone! -Nicole
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    I believe we start the week of Jan 3rd.
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    I got the second email !
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    I got the three emails.
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    Does anyone know how to log on to the NCPD website? I don't see a login anywhere. In part one of the email it talked about an inital global log-in for all members. I can't find it
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    you should go to this web site


    and then press on
    Exam you will see a video after the video you will have to take a test

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