Tacoma Community College 2012

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    I just got pulled for the Spring 2012 lottery for TCC and was wondering if there was anyone else here who has been through the program lately and might have advice, or anyone else who was also lucky enough to be picked in the lottery...

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    Hi Amy,

    I just found out that I got into the part-time RN program there. I was sad that I didn't get the full time but then I remember that there's a part-time lottery. I scrolled down the page and saw my ID and I was very happy. I'm very excited to start the program. I have not receive the email yet, did you? I wanted to send an email to ask but I decided to wait.

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    I haven't received an email either. I am so excited. Hopefully we hear from someone tomorrow. I wanted to email someone too, but I figured I'd wait a little longer because of the weekend and the holiday. I keep checking the lottery page to check my reality that I actually got in. Are you nervous? I cant decide whether I am more nervous or excited to start this April.
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    Hi Amy!

    I got picked too! I still cannot believe it! Are you in the part time or full time program? I'm so excited for the next 2 years to come but also nervous. It seems like an intense program.

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    i got in too, part time program. i am so happy to find you all here. i guess see you all on march 19th. goodluck to all of us.

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    I am in the full time program. I am really nervous, but I am also very very excited. I wish we knew what books we needed so we can start looking now though. I want to try and get them online.

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    I hope we will get the email with more detailed information about our orientation meeting soon. I would also like to purchase all the books we need soon rather than wait until march 19th!
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    Have any of you gotten the second email from Christine? I've only gotten the original one where we accepted admittance, but not the second one.
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    I did not get a second email either!
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    Nope, I've been waiting too. How I wish they'll move the orientation to an earlier date, so we can have more time to get all things done before the start of the program. Have any of you taken the additional requirements that needs to be completed prior to the mandatory orientation - Blood borne pathogens, HIV/AIDS training, fire safety training, etc.

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