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Hello! I just got pulled for the Spring 2012 lottery for TCC and was wondering if there was anyone else here who has been through the program lately and might have advice, or anyone else who was... Read More

  1. by   ABailey2326
    Hello everyone,

    I received the third part of the email yesterday and I completed the survey soon after. I'm slowly but surely reading the handbook, but I am having trouble really getting into it. Oh well, I am glad that I have something to do towards preparing for next week... I have been thinking about it constantly and like hunt4hackett said, time has been passing extremely slowly as a result. I cant remember though, is everyone who responded part-time? Or are there other full timers on here as well?

  2. by   nimalu

    I'm in the full time program as well! It looks like they split our class into group A and group B and both groups will have different schedules. I guess we will find out for sure in a few days! Have you been taking your prereqs at Tacoma?

  3. by   ABailey2326
    I've taken most of my pre-reqs at TCC, but I took Medical Terminology and A&P 1 and 2 through the Pierce College military program. I wanted to take all of my classes at TCC but I did not want to wait around to get into A&P so I jumped over to Pierce instead. Everything else was taken at TCC, and I got my CNA at Kamanga Nursing School across from TCC. How about you?
  4. by   nimalu
    I've taken all of my prereqs at North Seattle Community College. I'm super excited to not have to deal with Seattle Traffic anymore :-) You said that you got your CNA certificate. Have you been working as a CNA? I was about to sign up for the CNA training but then got into TCC.
  5. by   ABailey2326
    No I didn't get to work at all before finding out I got into TCC. I passed the state boards test the beginning of February, and I was just beginning to apply for jobs when I found out I got in. I figured I would wait until I figured out how full my schedule is during this quarter before I take on a job while going to school full time. Luckily I have the luxury of living with my parents while I go through school so I don't have any real financial obligations other than school so I can afford to just focus on the nursing program. I am going to be working two jobs this summer though, one as a CNA so that I can gain some experience. If you were still interested in doing Kamanga, its a very easy place to go, and its only three weeks if you go during the week. It is definitely fast paced, but the material is not such that you would have to agonize over it like I am sensing that the RN program will be. And there is absolutely no way I could handle Seattle traffic every day. I have horrible road rage. lol
  6. by   nimalu
    You are very lucky that you still live with your parents. I wish I could say the same, but my parents life in Germany! LOL
    I'm stressing out about loosing my full time job. I wish I would loose my monthly bills as well! :-) The good thing is that I only have to survive Spring quarter. After that I will be back working full time during the summer. Hopefully I have my financial situation figured out by the start of Fall quarter. I'm super excited for Monday!
  7. by   ABailey2326
    That is my plan as well. Ill pay out of pocket for spring, and hopefully get financial aid and scholarships for next year. Anyway, I cant wait for orientation! The only thing I am worried about now is getting afternoon classes instead of early morning ones.
  8. by   solsen7070
    How long did you have to wait after your first application to get accepted?
  9. by   bellamel12
    Hi, I know i am butting in but I had a question for you all.
    I am finishing up the last of my pre-reqs at South Puget Sound CC in Olympia and am looking at Tacoma nursing program.
    How was your GPA to be accepted? and did you all take your pre-regs at TCC?
    and do any of you by chance know the acceptance rate for TCC?

  10. by   libaysp12
    You might want to check this link coz it has all the info about TCC's nursing program. Admission Process - Tacoma Community College

    I know it is a 3.0 on all prereqs and within 2 attempts (including Withdrawal). And, you do not have to take your prereqs there coz I took all mine @ Highline Community College. Acceptance is by lottery and the max they take I believe are the 1st 24 students on fall, spring and winter but on spring you also have the chance to get in to their part time RN Program where they take 14 students. Hope this helps and don't forget to check the website of TCC. Good luck.
  11. by   lovework
    hi, i am going to apply to TCC soon, and if you done mind what was your GPA