Tacoma Community College Nursing Program: Spring 2011

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    Hello there! I was just accepted into TCC's Nursing Program for Spring 2011...any others out there?

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    I did!

    I wasn't really planning on it, either... Took me about 15 minutes of checking my SID versus the one that was drawn to believe it Even then, it doesn't quite seem real that I'm (we're) starting next month. Yahoo! Congrats to you, too!
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    I got in as well, and I still can't believe it. I have been applying to TCC for the last year and I finally got into the program. Congrats to you all for getting in as well. I still can't believe that I made it in.....I'm in shock!
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    Congratulations to you both! I had the same reaction, I couldn't believe it either! This was my third time applying, so I was definitely in shock. Have either of you received your acceptance letters in the mail? I'm getting very excited!
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    No letter in the mail that I've seen, but then again I've been traveling Have either of you received another email regarding immunizations? The original acceptance email said "Within the next two weeks..." which would put us at today, but I haven't heard anything else yet. Getting antsy!
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    Yay, I got in too! Congrats to you guys! It's been a long journey getting to this point and I am so excited for the orientation. This is my 3rd time applying, I was starting to get annoyed with the whole lottery thing. I guess 3rd times a charm!

    How are you guys doing on your certifications? I'm stumped on where I can get the HIPPA and Fire Safety Training. I know we can get the other ones through American Red Cross or the school. Any suggestions? Maybe there'll be more info at the orientation. I know the immunizations need to be completed by the start of clinicals, so I'm assuming the same goes for the certifications.
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    yahoo!! i am in too!! i am sooo ready for the craziness of the next two years!

    don't worry about the hippa, fire safety, and blood borne pathogens. we will be getting those certifications done during orientation from what i understand. if anyone still needs there hiv/aids training, my friend and i are getting that done on march 19th.
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    I was just Accepted to TCC fall 2011 program! Congratulations to you all , How is everything going so far? I am cloud nine and still in shock. What an amazing opportunity!

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    Congratulations!! That is so exciting. I know exactly how you are feeling right now. Prepare to put your life on hold during first quarter....it is crazy, but you can do it!! Being organized and staying on top of things will help you survive. First quarter not only consists of learning so much new information, but it is also a test of "Can you handle a lot of different things at on time." When times get tough, just remember that most make it through, and you will too!!

    You will be assigned a mentor, be sure to utilize him/her. Also, you will probably have Julie Benson as an instructor and she is AMAZING!!! Good luck!!
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    Sorry for the delay in response. Congrats for getting into the program. Yes the first quarter is pretty brutal, but you can do it. Julie is SUPER awesome, I wish we got her more through out our time at TCC. All I can say is get a big organizer, not one of the smaller ones, the 8.5x11. That thing has saved me, and the fact that I put my schedule in my phone as well just to make sure I am covered all the way around. You will go through stuff that you did in A&P, so it's a good reminder of the basics. You can make it though! Many have made it before you, and you made it through the rough prereqs!!!

    Good luck!
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