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South Puget Sound Community College

  1. 0 Hi, Can anyone tell me anything about spscc nursing program? I have heard it is having difficulties--- Is this true? I would love to hear from someone in the program or else a graduate and how well it prepared them for the nclex. Thankyou
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    I am going to the nursing info session on Wednesday, May 18th. I can let you know a little more at that time. I have not heard that they were having problems, but then again, I am not in the program.
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    Thankyou so much! Did you complete all your pre-requisites at spscc? If so, what did you think of the a & p classes?
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    I did my classes at Pierce CC, the evening classes that were mostly on Ft. Lewis or McChord because the times of the classes worked for me so I could continue working full time.
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    I was also wondering about the potential hybrid classes at spscc nursing program. Have you heard anything about that? I would assume you are interested in that since you work full-time.
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    I have heard that you can go part-time during the second half, which is the LPN to RN part. From what I got, last year, when I talked with someone there, is that there is no part-time option for the first bit. I can cope with not working full time for a year but pushing it to a year and half to two years would be a major struggle for me and my hubby.
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    I hear ya Please keep me updated on what you find out. I won't be applying till next spring but like to know what my options are.
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    I just got my acceptance letter today!
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    congratulations! Do you know your hours yet? Do you have a hybrid option or not since just starting out?
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    I got my acceptance letter Wed for the Fall 2011 LPN-RN. Do you know what the schedule looks like for the Fall?
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    I am actually not accepting this spot- I live in Seattle and also received an acceptance letter yesterday for Seattle Central Community College.
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    Hi congratulations! I got accepted in to the program as well. Just waiting to find out more info as well. There's an info session on 6/20, I'm still waiting to know if I got the full time spot I applied for. Let me know if you find out more info.
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    Hey guys!

    I just turned in my application at sps for winter quarter start! I have a few friends graduating from spscc nursing program tonight. Maybe I'll see some of you guys!