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I didn't see any thread for Seattle U BSN transfer program fall 2013. Lets see if anybody else applied other than me lol..... Read More

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    I too was waitlisted at SU and I don't have any idea of my chances of getting in. I'd like to know how many people are on it and where I stand on the list.
    Ladybug, I wouldn't use the word "brat" but I do think it is odd that given the content of most of these posts - people who are disappointed that they did not get in - you would choose to say you are stuck with the difficult decision of choosing between UW and SU. Gosh, what a terrible predicament to be in.

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    You're right SweetDisposition. How insensitive of me. I'm sorry. Got stuck in my own reality and My perspective narrowed. Didn't mean to upset anyone.
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    I called SU today to ask about why I was rejected. My GPA is not that great but I applied to due my healthcare experience hoping to get in. Advisor was really nice. She told me this year was very competitive. Most of people got rejected because they still had one or two pre-req in process. And most people who got accepted had GPA between 3.4-3.6 or above..

    I was surprise she took the time to look at my application and told me to what to do for next year application cycle.

    Whoever got into SU big congratulation, I think its great school.
    Now I am thinking I should apply there next year
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    @ Brightbulb It is so great she took the time to talk with you! I got accepted and I am so excited to start in the fall, I think it is a great school also I had a 3.65 overall gpa and had 2 pre-reqs in the process--although one of them I had taken it was just too long ago to count, so I am retaking the math this quarter. I am not sure exactly what about my application they liked, but I will tell you that I had a letter of recommendation (from a doc that I have worked with for almost 10 years), even though they don't require it. And I looked at their mission statement and tried to incorporate that into my essay. Best of luck next year!
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    My acceptance letter said my acceptance was provisional upon completing Microbiology even though I had all my prereqs completed long before I applied (and within the allotted time frame). Then the program evaluation sheet they sent me contradicts their letter and says that I have Microbio completed but am missing an A&P 2 course. The previous institution, dates attended, and degrees earned listed on the program eval are inaccurate and mixed up too! I called the school today to clear it up and they apologized for all of the mistakes. I advise the people who didn't get accepted with transfer credit issues to def call up the schools and talk with an advisor because even though I was accepted they did make a ton of major errors with my transfer credits!
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    It seems like Seattle U really bases their acceptance off of the essay and extracurricular activities then? I had a 3.9 Gpa and 4.0 in pre reqs. I did have psych 200 and statistics in process but those are hardly the core or important classes for nursing in comparison to micro and anatomy. However, I was not born and raised in Washington and have had to move around a great deal in the last 3 years making my transcripts & academic history messy.

    My essay could have been stronger if I had more time to work on it and I only had 3 months of volunteer work in a medical facility. They definitely do not admit based on grades but that's what I like about them.. Just because I was able to not work and get good grades doesn't mean that someone with a child or a job that gets a B should be considered any less. So congrats to all of you that got in!
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    @ladybug031302 go to UW so I can get off the wait list !
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    Quote from lubell26
    @ladybug031302 go to UW so I can get off the wait list !
    I am lubell crossing my fingers for you!
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    Hey y'all, I just received an email from housing congratulating me on my acceptance to SU, but haven't been formally notified by mail yet either way. Mistake email?! What do you think?
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    Quote from Can'tTakeTheWait
    Hey y'all, I just received an email from housing congratulating me on my acceptance to SU, but haven't been formally notified by mail yet either way. Mistake email?! What do you think?
    I would call admissions first thing monday morning to check!
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