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I just got accepted to Seattle University's APNI program and was wondering if any of my fellow future classmates were interested in starting a thread of our own. We are about to embark on an amazing, stressful and exciting... Read More

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    Hi NB4u2nv! WOW! I am so excited you're in the GNP Track too! I also live up North and also looking for some Carpooling buddies. Where up North do you live? I live in the Lynnwood/Everett area.

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    I currently live in Northgate, but will be moving to the Bothell area in about 3 weeks and I am totally up for carpooling.
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    AVBC --- Sounds great! Anyone else want to join us? Which part of Bothell will you be living in? I am often there because my guy lives there :-)

    We live in Bothell-Everett Highway near Thrashers Corner.
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    Hey all-
    I will see you all there Monday but probably closer to 7:30pm-looking forward to it.
    PS-I know it is crazy but I am not on Facebook!-so keep the info flowing here too-thanks.
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    I will be moving to Thrasher's Corner to the Archstone apts. Now I know where to find a study partner!
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    I live closer to the Greenwood/Greenlake area. So if you think you'll be passing by that area, I wouldn't mind carpooling. Also, do you know what day the APNI gathering at the RAM is taking place? I read somewhere that Monday was the tentative date, but is it this upcoming Monday, April 6th?
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    OH MY GOSH AVBC... That's where we live (Archstone)! HAHAHA... This is too hilarious. Oh my oh my... This is too funny... We definitely need to keep in touch! I love studying at the UW Bookstore, near the Millcreek Town Center because they have absolutely everything we need to succeed these next 3 years, lol.... plus they don't mind if we borrow their books. Wow, I am just so flabbergasted. A carpool buddy and a study buddy :-)
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    yeppers- next Monday. Have a good weekend all!
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    Hi all! My names Katie I'm in the GNP group, and I currently live in Portland. I'll be in Seattle on Monday, so I'll also attend the get together at The Ram!! Look forward to meeting several of you on Monday, and the rest of you in June!!

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