Pierce College 2012 Interviews

  1. Hello, I was very grateful to receive a callback for an interview from Pierce College in Puyallup. I received a letter about the interview, which was a group interview and was curious if there are any alumnus here and what their experience was like as a candidate, etc. I understand you don't want to give away too much, but I'm still looking for all the help I can get!
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  4. by   lovework
    hi can i ask you what was your gpa? thanks
  5. by   Lora00
    This question is for ksenakim:
    How GPA is calculated for the future nursing program students?
    1-Only prerequisites grades are important?
    2-Prerequisits of the prerequisites also make a difference in the calculation?
    3-All classes (even are not my prerequisites for the nursing program) are considered when GPA is calculated?
    I will really appreciate your answer.