North Seattle Community College Fall 2012

  1. Hey all. I am curious to see how everyone did on the HESI as well as their GPA for North Seattle CC's Fall 2012 admission. I know there are people who still need to take the HESI and that we won't hear if we got in until the second week of August but I'm already antsy! There were only 149 applicants this fall compared to 190 last fall so hopefully the scores won't be as high. From the HESI site the average for my group (Monday the 16th) was a 93%. What about yours? Looking forward to hearing from others!
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  3. by   Ronsea206
    Hello, I took the HESI on 7/5 and our class average was also 93%. I have a GPA of 3.975 with a HESI of 97.2%. I hope to get in, being that NSCC is the only school I have applied to for Fall. If not I will try for RTC in the Spring for sure. Best of luck to everyone.
  4. by   Riggled
    Nice job! My scores were pretty high but so far I have only heard of people higher than mine, haha. I have a 3.9 GPA for the core classes and I got a 96% on the HESI. I haven't applied anywhere else yet due to prereqs but I do have a list of schools I will be applying to if I don't get in. Any more apply to NSCC on this forum? Good luck!
  5. by   jbotello
    Wow! Both of you did really well. I have a 3.775 GPA and got a 94% on the HESI on 7/2 (online it says the class average was also 93%). That means I have 188.38 points, fall 2011's lowest score was 189.85. So I am crossing my fingers that like Riggled said, the fewer applicants might mean lower scores.
  6. by   alainawalker
    For the four classes considered, I have a 3.75 gpa and got a 97.6% on the HESI. I'm pretty nervous about getting in... And I keep checking my email like a madwoman!!

    Good luck to everyone else! Hopefully, we'll be classmates soon!
  7. by   Riggled
    I GOT IN!!!! Just got the email today stating that I got in and will be starting in the Fall. I am soooo excited! Looks like Ronsea206 got in for sure then too. What a relief. Now to get all of the paperwork ready before I am dropped, lol. Good luck to you both jbotello and alainawalker. The email didn't have the score range listed of who got in so I can't tell you prematurely. Let me know when you hear!
  8. by   alainawalker
    Congratulations, Riggled & Ronsea206! =]
    I didn't get in. My combined scores came out to 191.35.
    Good luck in your program!