North Seattle CC winter 2013

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    Has anyone else applied for the NSCC winter 2013 LPN program? Just curious who else has applied and what the group looks like. When are we supposed to hear back?

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    Yes, I took the HESI last Friday and am waiting to hear the admission results. I have been reading the posts from last winter in regards to the GPA and HESI score and its making me nervous.
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    I also applied for winter 2013. The average HESI score for my test date was 91%. What about you guys?
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    What day did you take your test bird18? Maybe we were in the same day because that is the same average HESI for my class which was on 10/5. I have called NSCC a few times since then to try to get some information about the cohorts for this application period but they are not giving out any answers. Do you guys have any information?
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    Nikocola, I took the HESI on October 3rd. The only information I know is that there is a smaller group of applicants this quarter and we should hear back hopefully by the end of October.
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    I called NSCC yesterday and was informed that they will send out the letters no later than the end of the business day on 10/22. I asked what the average GPA and HESI score was but was not successful in getting it out of the woman who answered the call. She told me that all that information will be included in the letter. I have a 3.82 GPA and scored a 95.2% on the HESI but I am concerned that may not be good enough to get in based on the postings that I read about the last set of cohorts.
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    Did the person you spoke with say the notifications are going out by snail mail or email?
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    She said by email. Now I'm just wondering if it will be like what the postings from last quarter said, where they notified the people who didn't get in first. I forgot to ask that when I called but the woman seemed annoyed by my questions and was rushing me off the phone.
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    Anyone heard back yet?
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    No, nothing yet. Maybe that's a good sign since last time they sent out the rejection letters first. I would call NSCC to ask but I'm afraid they all know my voice now since I call every other day.

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