1. Hello Everyone,
    I recently moved from MN to seattle after I graduated from my BSN program. I passed my NCLEX end of september because it took me a while to fully move & get all my paperwork done. I've now been applying for jobs for 2 months & i think i've literally applied everyone in every setting of the field of nursing and NOTHING. I went for 2 interviews at 2 nursing homes but no luck. I have been applying for every position where I think I may have a chance but unfortunately ZERO calls back from hospitals. I'm really feeling pretty low at this point about my chances of getting hired and there are new grads that will be job-hunting soon. Since I completed my education/clinicals in MN, I have NO connections whatsoever and I feel like thats the reason why I'm having such a tough time. I am really hoping that there is someone in this forum who is working somewhere and is willing to get me connected to the right person/people so that I can finally join the workforce & be able to have my dream job. I thought that by graduating from a great University with a BSN degree & summer nurse internship program experience, it would not have been this difficult. Every day that passes & I dont get a phone call for an interview, I seem to start asking myself what is wrong with me? & I start questioning my own competence & at some point, I even began to question this career choice although I LOVE nursing & I truly enjoyed every opportunity that I had to meet & care for's sadly not turning out as I expected. Please, any advice, connections, recommendations, & support would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Nathansnelly
    Do you have any experience at all? I live two hours North of Seattle. Jobs have slowed down so don't take it personal. Which places have you looked at? I see that Maxim is hiring all the time. Have you looked at I've used that search engine for jobs and it's been useful. You'll find a job. Maybe the perfect one is coming for you. Don't give up!
  4. by   Bandaide
    There are 20+ nursing programs in Western Washington, each one graduating nurses who already live here and have a connection to the area. It's tough job hunting for everyone right now. Good luck.
  5. by   Annals of Nursing
    Have you treid bunch O' regional medical centers.

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