New ABSN program for the UW!

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    This is exciting news for me, and I hope for others, too! I think it's about time for the #1 nursing school in the country to have an accelerated program...or even just for Washington State to have one in general. It took long enough! The program itself is 5 quarters long.

    Anticipated tuition is still pricey. It's estimated that the program will cost ~$8,800 per quarter, which would equate to $44,000 for the entire program. Yikes.

    Check it out:

    EDIT: My apologies, did not realize this was already posted! I was so excited that I didn't skim the most recent postings.
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    Looks great!
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    Posted about the ABSN a few days ago - I think its awesome.. but should add that it is for 2nd degree students... students need to have BS/BA prior to starting the ABSN - yes a bit pricey!
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    Yes, I'm not sure if I would be willing to pay that much in-state. I think I'd rather go to Shoreline just to get an ADN and get a master's degree thereafter.

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