Moving to Seattle as a new Grad

  1. Hey everyone! I will be a new grad from Texas come May 2013 and I was wondering from Seattle nurses what is the best route to get a job there. I hear it is very hard to get a job there and wondering if thats true. If so, is it reasonable to try and get into a residency program?
    Another question: Which hospital is more likely to take a new grad? I am interested in ICU but will take anything! I want to move there but unsure if there are jobs available for GN's! What do y'all think? Any advice would help a ton!
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  3. by   B1710
    Hi Guruamrit,

    I was curious how the job search is going in Seattle. I am a recent grad as well, and am thinking of moving up there. Any advice you have would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. by   gromit1084
    Hey B1710

    I did a lot of job searching in Seattle and applied to a lot of different major places. I never got a call back so decided to stay in Texas to gain some experience where they seem to be more grad friendly. Granted, I was only looking at the major hospitals in the Seattle area. I hear evergreen is pretty big, but thats outside of downtown. Every person has a different case, so I would defintely try your luck!