Lower Columbia College WA-LPN-RN Fall 2017

  1. Hey! For anyone who has applied to the LPN-RN or traditional RN program for fall 2017- can we share our TEAS, critical thinking and Kaplan scores?
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  3. by   lovebrittnie
    I just took my tests this last week. I got a 84% on Teas and a 77.3% on kaplan. I really hate this waiting process! I applied to the online lpn to RN program. how did you do?
  4. by   JKRC2
    85.3% TEAS and 77.5% on Critical Thinking, for traditional RN. This waiting really is terrible! Thanks for asking, I have wondered the same thing, and can't find any answers. Hope more are willing to share, and good luck to all!
  5. by   lovebrittnie
    When I talked to the program coordinator about what scores I would kind of need to make my application as competitive as possible. This is the information she sent me back.

    "The average competitive adjusted individual score of the TEAS test has been in the mid 70’s to 80’s. For the Kaplan transitions test, the average competitive score has been in the mid 70’s to low 80’"

    I Believe It is an estimate from a past cohort. I'm not sure how the critical thinking works, but I remember having to take that at the beginning of my LPn program and I got a 70% so I imagine a 77 is pretty good. Hopefully we will have a letter in less than one week.
  6. by   JKRC2
    That is really great to hear! I have asked and searched for something to compare my score to, and come up empty handed. It appears we both have competitive testing scores at least.

    I have all of the prerequisites and support classes completed. Hoping for good news soon. Sounds like you are there, very neat! It is fantastic that they still offer an LPN to RN program, as I hear those are far and few between.
  7. by   lovebrittnie
    I'm sure I have literally read every post on this site on LCC posted over the last couple of years. Last year it seemed like ppl found out by the end of the first week of August. I hope we will too. Also it looked like some of them had lower scores (75 teas) and were still accepted.
    I agree the lpn-RN bridge programs do seem to be dwindling, most school take a small number if lpn. It is nice that this school takes a big cohort 40-45 plus I think the take a few(as space allows) into the RN traditional. Although I think the odds were good for tacoma community college. It was 16 accepted this year with 25 qualified applicants.
  8. by   DanielleKali
    I don't see anything that says we can't share our scores. I got 90.7% overall in the TEAS and 92.5% on Critical Thinking, with all prereqs and support courses complete. I've also had a really hard time coming up with good information on what's competitive and what isn't. Is there a firm date on when the letters come out?? Good luck to all!
  9. by   lovebrittnie
    The set date is On the application pages you printed and mailed to the school. I think your scores are exceptional so you should get in, though I guess gpa is taken into account with the traditional RN (not so with the bridge) but I am hopeful that I will get in so I am certain you will be fine.
  10. by   thewhitechickoj
    Great scores, guys! I applied for Fall 2017 and received a 78.7% on my TEAS and a 67.5% on my critical thinking. I made the mistake of taking my critical thinking right after my TEAS. I should have taken a break. I do have all of my prerequisites done, including my humanities/diversity and nutrition, so I'm hoping that gives me a fair shot.
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  11. by   JKRC2
    I took mine back to back too. If I could redo it, I would pay the extra and take them different days. I would say you still have good chances with all your support courses done! Good luck!

    The person with a 90 and 92%, wow! Nicely done!
  12. by   thewhitechickoj
    Thanks! And good luck to you as well! If I were to give any advice to folks about to schedule their tests, it would be to take them on separate days, if possible. A gal I've been speaking with from school and I have been messaging each other back and forth to see if the other had received a letter, yet. The suspense is killing me!
  13. by   thewhitechickoj
    I spoke to the coordinator today and she said letters were sent out first thing this morning. Good luck everyone!
  14. by   DanielleKali
    Ahhhhh! Good luck everyone!