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  1. by   GreggLucas
    There are other options. You have to ask yourself if you really want to be a nurse or do you want job in medical environment and work with patients.
    Some schools offer programs in medical neurotechnology and have no limits on number of students. Offered programs include Polysomnography, Neurodiagnostic technology (EEG, Nerve Conduction Study, Evoked Potentials) and IOM ( Intraoperative Monitoring Technology) where technologist monitors patients in OR, guarding them against surgical error.
    The board certified IOM Technologist can easily make 100K/yr and find employment anywhere. But work in any of the specialties also provides necessary work experience allowing the applicant better chances of acceptance to nursing or P.A. programs. in Michigan provides regular 40 week programs in all specialties or 10 week 40hr/week intensive training program for out of State students.