GPA for acceptance into Everett CC and Skagit CC? Help? :(

  1. Hi everyone!

    Im super passionate about becoming a nurse, I got started on my prerequisites at EvCC in high school, so I'm 18 and that means unfortunately I have no medical experience under my belt yet... I know I have to be a CNA to get into skagit. However, I'm very worried about my GPA on top of no medical experience. I am applying to EvCC for the upcoming Winter quarter! I'm so excited! :heartbeat But I know EvCC just looks at GPA now and its super, super tough to get into.

    Im wondering if EvCC just looks at the science courses for admission, or do they look at every prerequisite? Ive been hearing people say that the science GPA is what they look at but they just make sure you have a 3.0 overall because its required...Then I've heard its overall to get in. I'm confused.. Same question for skagit. Is it just the science courses (Cell, A&P, Micro) or overall that gets you in?

    In cell bio I got a B, in Anatomy I got an A-, in Phys I have an A, so I'm wondering how good my chances would be if I got an A in Micro?
    So that would be:
    B, A-, A, A in the sciences..

    How good are my chances for Winter and/or Spring? Thank you SO much for the help, I appreciate it so much!
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  3. by   our8kids
    I just finished my 3rd quarter at EvCC. Good for you for knowing what you want to do so early in the game! I had a B+ in micro, A in both A&P and A- in cell bio. However, I know a few in the program who had several Bs in their sciences.. From what I've been told, our cohort (starting last Fall) was the hardest so far to get in to.. the previous 2 quarters admitted people who had applied but didn't make it last fall. Not sure if that helps you or not
  4. by   NMidgett
    skagit mt vernon campus is competitive, and while the minimum they tell you is 3.0 in the sciences, you wont get in without much higher. skagit whidbey island campus is a waitlist program, but you only do one portion at a time- the pn program and then apply seperately for the rn portion. i have heard the evcc and skagit mt vernon have very similar requirements. good luck!