Got into Northwest U Nursing/ EvCC pending

  1. Anyone else get into NU? I'm feeling sort of overwhelmed about the number of courses (mostly theology, and a "genetics in society") I need to take, all before 8/23. And I have some mandatory travel coming up, which I leave for Thursday. Gah! I need to decide between there and Everett CC- won't hear from EvCC until July, but I THINK I have a decent chance with a TEAS score of 86? Does anyone know about that, and does anyone know anything about either NU or EvCC nursing programs? Got a lot to think about...
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    Bump. Does anyone know anything about the EvCC or the Northwest U nursing program? Turns out that I have to complete 4 theology classes, plus something called Christian Thought and Genetics in Society, all by the end of August, to start at NU in the fall. To get into Everett CC, I am missing Cultural Anth and CMST 210, even though I completed a pre-nursing degree at Edmonds. I don't think it is possible to cover my bases for both schools, so need to make a decision. Does anyone know anything about either program, and which is better? I don't have a religious background, so the thought of getting through all these theology classes is overwhelming.
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    Hopefully I'm not too late to help out! Cultural anthropology isn't necessarily required for EvCC. Sociology can also take it's place. The reason why it's recommended to be taken so much is that it completes the social science requirement and the diversity requirement at EvCC (if you didn't know already, that's why it's numbered ANTH&206D. D is for diversity). I thought about going to NU but all those theology classes seem like a waste of time for someone who isn't religious, like you or myself. However, interpersonal communication is unfortunately required and they will not accept you into the program if you haven't taken it.