Current Lake Washington (LWIT) RN students?

  1. Hi. I am finishing my prereqs and am going to apply to LWIT as well as several other area schools. I haven't heard a lot about Lake Washington's RN program. Current students, or recent grads, enlighten me?!?!! Thanks!
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  3. by   2013RN
    I'm currently in the program and summer is right around the corner!!! CAN NOT WAIT! What would you like to know?
  4. by   fjeorgee
    ive completed my prereqs for nursing and planning to apply to nursing programs too!....but with a not so perfect GPA (~3.0) is it still possible to get into LWTech's RN program?? what do they look for during the selection process?....and how difficult is the TEAS test?
  5. by   susanlwins
    I just saw that your responded - thanks for being willing to share info. I am applying for spring quarter (having a baby in January, or else I would be going with my original plan and starting in a few weeks!!) I also will be applying to Shoreline but it is questionable whether I have enough points to get in there. I guess my main question is, overall are you happy with the RN education you are receiving there so far? Was first quarter super-intense? It seems like first quarter there are a lot of different subjects to juggle, as opposed to subsequent quarters where you tend to focus more on one thing (Med Surg/Psych/Etc.). I think that learning all the nursing theory first quarter will be a challenge, and yet I have been a CNA for 3 years so the nursing field is not new to me, which I hope will be an advantage and make school a little bit more manageable. Were you a CNA/tech before nursing school, or were some of your classmates, and did that seem to help them with first quarter in particular? Thanks!