CNA Working in Seattle Hospital

  1. Hello everyone! I am just finishing up my CNA training at Nursing Training School ( | Nursing Assistant Training School) and I'm wondering about the job market for CNAs in Seattle hospitals. I've worked in an adult care home for the past 6+ years, and I want to transition into a hopsital setting before I pursue my nursing degree. Questions:

    1. What are my odds of getting a job in a hospital? I don't have hospital experience, but I do have a lot of care experience.

    2. I would prefer to work in oncology, or ICU, or Acute Care, or Surgical, anything but gerontology floor. Is that too lofty of a goal? Should I just take what I can get? Once I get in a hospital, if I want to transfer to a different floor as it becomes available, is that possible, or is it frowned upon?

    3. Any reviews from a CNA employee perspective on working in the different area hospitals? (Harborview, Swedish, Virginia Mason, GHC, etc)

    Any general advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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