CNA Exam Without CNA Schooling

  1. Sorry for the length if this question! In short I'm trying to find any info on taking the CNA exam here in my town of Spokane, Wa without having to go through a CNA course first, (since I did all my classes separately), and how do I schedule for it, etc; online, walk-in as a non-sponsored individual.

    So, I called DSHS Here in Spokane, Wa and asked them the requirements for becoming a CNA from a NAR and the man on the phone told me that as long as I took all the classes by themselves, which I did 75 hours worth, that I wouldn't have to take a CNA course and I would just need to send in my app and fee and take the written and skills exam and that I could send my app and fee in first if I wanted and take the test after. Here's my question that I am also going to ask the dshs people when I call them back cause I should have asked them when I had them on the phone the first time but maybe someone here might also know:

    Where do I go to take a CNA test here in Spokane, Wa as an individual and not sponsored by anything? Prometrics has you put in info of school who sent you, etc, but I just want to be able to call, schedule the test, go and take it and be done without having to go through another company/school, etc. My boss is getting on me for it needing to get done and I agree and have been trying but everyone I've talked to about gives me conflicting info, etc. So, now I'm just trying to be able to find out how and where to go to take the test in Spokane as a non-sponsored individual. Thanks!

    PS I'm also posting this in the Washington section. ^_^
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