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    Is anyone on here waiting to hear from Centralia College for Fall 2011? I have applied to several schools but I really want to move out of the city and to a small rural area to raise my family. Please share your thoughts on the town, school and program.

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    I applied to South Puget Sound CC and Centralia's programs and I got accepted into both. I just got my acceptance letter in the mail for Centralia today so I'm trying to decide which one to attend. I've heard some negative things about SPSCC nursing program but I took half of my pre-reqs there and feel pretty comfortable there. Centralia is a smaller program which I like. Overall the NCLEX passing rates for Centralia seem pretty good. They are
    2006- 21/22 = 95.5%
    2007- 16/18 = 88.9%
    2008- 23/28 = 82%
    2009- 19/22=86%
    2010- 22/25 = 88%

    I def. have some thinking to do... Good luck whatever you decide to do. Let me know if i could give input on anything else.

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    Hey, your post made me run down the driveway to check the mail! There was an acceptance letter from Centralia College there. I have been waiting so long to get into nursing school and now it's finally happening.
    Clever- are you from Centralia? I have to head down there and start house hunting soon and advice on good/bad neighborhoods in town would be appreciated
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    Congrats! Same with me. Its unbelievable that it's finally happening! No I'm actually halfway between SPSCC and Centralia. I live in Little Rock which is about 20 min. from Centralia. I've only been to the outlet mall down there and the school twice. There are some little neighborhoods right near the school though that you could look into. Other than that I don't know the area.
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    So did you go the the orientation or did you choose South Puget Sound?
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    Yeah! I was there! Were you? I'm the one that left early.
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    Cool! I didn't actually notice anyone leave early but then again I was close to the front. Did you leave before last years students spoke?
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    Oh ok. I think I only missed part of it. I was there most of the time they spoke. Made me so excited to start hearing them talk. they seemed to really enjoy it and it seems like its a great program!
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    What are the hours for lecture and clinicals the first year of the nursing program at centralia? To rephrase the question- is it from like 8 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., can anyone please advise? Thankyou
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    The hours for lecture the first month are about 8am to 12 and 8am to 11 and then when clinical begins the hours start at 6am and go to 12.

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