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Is anyone on here waiting to hear from Centralia College for Fall 2011? I have applied to several schools but I really want to move out of the city and to a small rural area to raise my family.... Read More

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    Yah that year, the class didn't do so well but for the last graduating class of 2012 the passing rate was 100%. So it may have just been the class that year. I was in that same position last year because I got accepted into both programs but decided to go with the Centralia nursing program and although it's not perfect I'm glad I choose it. Talk to people who have been in both and you will figure out what is best for you. I would def. apply to both though not just one. That way you have a back-up school.
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    Thank you so much for your advise and information. I will definitely apply on both schools. I live close to SPSCC (SPSCC is about 10mins from my home vs. Centralia is about 40mins from my home) but I heard that the SPSCC nursing program and teachers are not that great. How is the Centralia nursing program and teachers? Do you think it is worth to commute?
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    Clever1127 How do you like it so far at Centralia?
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    Walkingdead, are you in the program yet? Which one. Anything to share?
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    TigerP: I just graduated from Centralia College and passed my NCLEX-RN on July 10. It still hasn't kicked in yet that I'm a Registered Nurse. I loved the program. I was fortunate to be in the program with a great bunch of people. Many of my other classmates took the NCLEX and I haven't heard of a single person failing so far. Although I did the kaplan class to help me prepare for the test, I feel like the program prepared me very well for the NCLEX. It wasn't a perfect program, but I would still highly recommend Centralia College's Nursing Program. Feel free to ask me any other questions.
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    Congratulations!!! Clever1127
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    Please share your experience there, thank you
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    Hey! I know this thread is old but I'm hoping someone can answer my question. I just got accepted to Centralia and I'm just wondering what the schedule looked like for this program? Was there class everyday? Is some of it online? Is it in the morning, afternoon, evening? Does anyone remember what their program schedule was like at this school?