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i need to get my nac (or cna, same thing) and i am trying to decide which program to take. i've looked into south seattle cc, renton tech. college, lake washington technical college, and nursing assistant training institute. ... Read More

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    Was it easy to find a job after going through non-nursing home programs? (Such as MedPrep and NATI?).

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    I just finished my clinicals and training at NATI in Shoreline last week - I thought the instructors were great, the night classes were great for my schedule, and the clinical experience was positive. I have been finished for 1 week and just got offered a job at a nursing home today and feel very prepared. I looked around and tried to find nursing home based programs in the area and couldn't find any that were currently holding classes. I think you just have to get your training and be persistent about job hunting, have all your paperwork together when you interview, etc. to really impress them with. Good luck!
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    I went to Lake Washington Tech for my CNA - I contacted the nursing home that I had done my clinical experience at shortly after finishing the course (and before taking the exam!) and they hired me on the spot. I had some problems moving out of the nursing home world but eventually managed to snag a job at Harborview. I guess I was in the right place at the right time because a lot of the jobs say they want six months experience to work in a hospital and I had five. But I found that using the contacts in the clinical experience was helpful in getting a job afterwards.

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