Applicants to Lower Columbia College/ADN program

  1. Is anyone here waiting to hear from LCC?
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  3. by   soundtonarrows
    I'm beginning my fourth quarter of the nursing program at LCC this fall. Maybe I can answer a question for you--let me know
  4. by   AnonymousNurse45
    Thank you, Sound.
    I just wanted to connect with other anxious hopefuls. The deadline for the admission decisions is coming up.

    I do actually have few questions foe you:
    Do you work at all? Do you think it would be possible to work on weekends at least?
    How many hours per week are the lectures and clinicals?
    Since this is a vocational program, are the grades assigned or everything is just pass/fail?
    What does one need to do to be successful in the program?

    Thank you

    Larisa Garrett
  5. by   soundtonarrows
    I have not worked during nursing school, but several (3 or 4) of my classmates have worked as CNAs and have managed to do well. Clinicals seemed to be easier for them because most of what we do is CNA work in the first three quarters of clinicals (besides giving meds).
    The course is very demanding. Most of the classroom work is similar to what we have already learned in anatomy & physiology, but more nursing centered. You are required to memorize all the meds you will be giving to your patients (how they work, side effects, etc.) during second quarter, as well as to create nursing care plans that must be okayed by your clinical instructor. Second quarter was probably the most difficult because of this--it was so time consuming. Final classroom test grades must be 75 or above or you will flunk. Just be ready to be totally committed and to live, eat, breathe nursing! You can do it.
  6. by   AnonymousNurse45
    Thank you, Sound.