Anyone else here entering the EvCC program

  1. I just received my acceptance letter from Everett Community College for the spring quarter start. Is anyone else here going to be starting spring quarter? If anyone has any tips that would be awesome! My orientation is the 19th. of feb. I am so excited!
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  3. by   our8kids
    I just applied for Fall 2010 quarter and should hear around the first week of May... Would you be willing to tell me what your GPA was and if you had completed all pre-req's before applying? I was told by the nursing advisor (actually was meeting with her on the day they were doing interviews, we were probably in the same room at the same time that I may be okay getting in still needing to complete micro spring quarter... so I'm really interested to see if you were all done before you applied, and if you had the 4.0 everyone is talking about being required. Thanks in advance!!
  4. by   morningstarRN
    Hi! I am finishing up micro this quarter. I have a 4.0 in all my pre-req classes and am carrying an A- in micro at the moment. I have no repeat classes. You have to be finished with all pre-reqs prior to entry into the actual program but because of the way the quarters overlap you can be finishing up your last science pre-req when you interview for the program. I know several people who had B's in their pre-reqs and some of them were also called for an interview. I don't know if they were accepted or not. I should know more this week when we meet at class. I will post and let you know if anyone with B's got in. I have heard that fall quarter is the most competitive for entry. There are usually double the applicants for that quarter since they don't accept new students during summer quarter. I know that this quarter they only called 35 students for interviews out of several hundred applicants. Of the 35 interviewed 30 were accepted into the program. If you get an interview you have a really good chance of getting in. If you have other questions feel free to pm or email me. Good luck!
  5. by   morningstarRN
    Oops, I also wanted to say that I had some friends who entered during winter quarter. One had an A in cell bio, A- in Anatomy, B in Physiology, and an A- in micro. So a 4.0 isn't always needed to get in. I think it is really important to not have re-takes in any of the sciences.
  6. by   our8kids
    Thanks for the info! I have a 4.0 in all pre-req's and an A in A&P2 right now at Skagit. Can you tell me about your micro teacher? If I can enroll before the class is full, I'll be switching to EvCC Spring quarter. I'm nervous because even though I know the micro prof at Skagit is hard, I know what to expect. I know nothing about the EvCC teachers. I was also told that if you get an interview you are basically in. She also told me that if I don't get in for fall, to know I did nothing wrong... it's just because there are more people that have micro already completed. She did also say there were a lot of people applying who weren't going to take micro until Summer and were only in Anatomy now, not even physiology. So, I'll hold my breath and get as many boxes checked off as I can. I already have HIV-Aids done, along with CPR and TB. I've started my immunization titers also. I took the CNA class at Skagit Winter quarter, but didn't think that mattered. When I was there last week she asked me to bring a copy of my license once I get it, "because they like to know I have it". This is contradictory to what I was told at my advising appointment a few months ago. So, I'm sort of confused if I should spend the money to take the test and get certified, when I don't plan to ever use it. Other than that, I've already done everything.... Aren't you excited??!!! Hopefully I'll see you fall quarter!!
  7. by   our8kids
    I didn't mention that I have no re-takes, so that should help too!
  8. by   morningstarRN
    It sounds like you are in good shape to accepted at EvCC. I adore my micro instructor. I had her for cell bio and now for micro. She isn't the easiest, but she loves the subject. For micro there are plenty of lab projects that offset her difficult tests. Her name is Rene Kratz. With your past grades I am sure you would do fine in her class.

    As for the CNA, I have no medical background. I had asked about the CNA and was told it wasn't taken into consideration at EvCC. I am sure it is nice to have it, but I don't think they really give preference to those that do. I imagine it will be advantageous when you first start clinicals, you will be a bit ahead of the those who don't. I don't think you need to get your certification unless you just want to. Make sure and write up a one page personal essay about yourself. They said that really was nice. Include the information about your CNA class in that as well as anything you have done in the past that makes you a good candidate. Even if it is not medical related, for instance, a friend who worked in the mortage industry wrote about her high level of ethics and her ability to work with people from all walks of life.

    Good luck, I am sure you will get called for an interview!

    Oh, and yes, I am very excited mixed in with a healthy dose of scared. lol
  9. by   our8kids
    Thank you so much for the information! I was also told by two different advisors that the CNA didn't matter, but am wondering why this past one said they would want to see that I had it. I wonder if with just the massive amount of people applying for fall they are looking for something else to set them apart, to show they are really serious (which kind of makes me laugh when I hear people say that. Who would really take all these tough science courses for 4-5 quarters if they weren't serious?).
    About the essay... when do you turn that in? The advisor didn't say a single thing about that... so now I'm nervous it should have already been done. Thanks!
  10. by   morningstarRN
    The essay is not required, but they have just recently started saying they find them helpful. As long as it is turned in prior to the deadline for fall quarter files, April 15th., that is fine. It just needs to be in there before they review the file to call for the interviews.

    I have read several other peoples essays and they don't need to be fancy or anything. They just like them to fill in what they can't see by looking at your grades and scholastic files.

    They also told me not to make it more than the one page, at 12 point font, and single spaced. They said they are always short on time and don't want to read a novel. lol

    The adviser didn't tell me either, by the way. It was Karen in the nursing records office who happened to mention it in passing! I was so thankful that she had taken the time to talk with me. She is the best! I can't really blame the adviser for not telling me, my last advising appt. was about a year ago and they were not asking for essays then come to think about it.

    If you remember I would love to hear that you received an interview call or were accepted. If you could post to this thread it will email and alert me.

    Good luck!
  11. by   our8kids
    I sure will! And I would love to hear your journey as you go along as well. It would be so beneficial in planning!! I'm so excited!!!
  12. by   Rachelle/M
    Hey, I also got accepted in the EVCC program. Hope to see you at the orientation I'm sooooo excited
  13. by   henrym4
    Good Luck to both of you.

    I graduated EVCC nursing in 12-2009! Sounds like they made it tougher to get in. I did not have straight A's in my pre-reqs. In Chem. 101 I had an A, but Chem 102 I had a C. The rest of my classes were A's, (except MATH) and I had a B in A & P!

    The best advice I can give you, smile alot in your interview, dress professionally, and listen carefully to the question asked. The instructors I LOVED; Brasfield, Zoeller, Whedon, Dotson, Weber. When I started it seemed like I would never get through it but then it was graduation and it seemed like it flew by.

    I have been working the past year, and am attending UW for my BSN! Graduate in June. I figured since I was in school the last five years what was one more, .

    Hope this helped. I love being a nurse! Sometimes it is insanely busy but makes your day fly by!!!!!

    Good Luck,
  14. by   Rachelle/M
    Hey, was it tough to get into the UW BSN, are you doing it in Seattle or Bothell? Thanks again for the advice