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I just received my acceptance letter from Everett Community College for the spring quarter start. Is anyone else here going to be starting spring quarter? If anyone has any tips that would be awesome! My orientation is the... Read More

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    You definitely need to buy a stethoscope which will be used for the entire program, the rest of the materials will be provided by the lab. For clinical hours, it really depends on which group you'll be assigned but it's usually 6-2 p.m scheduled at the later part of the quarter

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    Just curious how all of you are doing in the Everett Program? I would love to hear more about how it is going!
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    I am in 4th quarter now and loving the program. Can't believe how fast this has gone. Feel free to send me a PM if you have specific questions. The instructors are amazing and the experience has been very positive.
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    I finally got to put my part 1 application in yesterday. I am in Anatomy this quarter with Marrs. Love HER! There are rumurs that the entire program at EVCC is changing pre reqs and also on acceptance. I have heard that they will start requiring the TEAS and will use that primarily. Also, Repeats are no longer a penalty. I have a 4.0 in my sciences so far and a Cum 3.7 overall. I am looking to apply for next Winter Quarter. I could do Fall if I push myself, but I think Winter might be a better fit for me.. not quite sure yet. I am also thinking of applying at Lake WA as well and possibly Bellevue.

    Anyone still in the EVCC program or have graduated? Things you loved, hated?
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    Anyone going to Everett?

    For anyone considering it, here's what got me in to their nursing program.

    Accumulative GPA: 3.26
    Science GPA: 2.92 (with a few repeats)
    TEAS: 82.0%

    Not stellar by any means, but I made it! Plus this upcoming spring quarter we move into the brand new building. Can't wait!!!
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