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Hello! I am applying this February for the Bellevue College RN program for 2013-2014, I just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there that is applying for that time period as well?! Where... Read More

  1. by   Leahlynne
    Hi everyone. I've been looking over your conversation and was wondering if anyone is on the waitlist? I just got my letter that I'm number 5 for winter quarter. Does anyone know if my chances are good for getting in? I called the office yesterday and they made it sound like I have a guaranteed spot. Also, do they have two seperate cohorts? One for fall and one for winter? I was under the impression that it was fall only. Let me know. Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. by   Mommythompson710
    Thank you everybody! And congrats to you all!
    To Leahlynne: In the past two years I believe 10-15 people were accepted off the waitlist. And if the office told you it was pretty much guaranteed...than I'd say you should be in. The way Bellevue does it is that they accept "x" number of people by TEAS score and then start the top scoring half in the fall and start the rest in the Winter. So it's one application period per year, but then the accepted are divided into two "cohorts" and staggered in their starting quater. My letter said that I have till the 24th to accept my spot in and make the deposit or they would give it to someone else. So probably sometime after the 24th you will get a letter offering you a spot in the Winter cohort. I believe that for everybody that doesn't accept their spot in Fall, a person in Winter gets bumped to Fall. And for everybody that doesn't take their spot for Winter or gets bumped to Fall, a person on the waitlist get bumped to Winter. So your chances of atleast 5 people not accepting from either group are pretty darn good.
    Hope that helps and good luck!
  3. by   Leahlynne
    HOLY MOLY! I am so excited! I have been working on my pre requisites the last 4 years!!! You just made my day Danielle!!! I am going to be a nursing student! Eeeeeeeee! I love life!

    FYI- I am an excellent study buddy if anyone going into Winter needs one!
  4. by   missamelissy
    You are the bearer of good news, Danielle! Twice now. Very thorough response, so I don't have anything to add there!

    As for holding the spot, has anybody attempted to do it? Mine is not what they show and says the "NU99" code is invalid. Is it just me?
  5. by   missamelissy
    Figured out the problem. If anybody else has it, select "Summer 2013" for the term, not "Spring 2013" as my letter states!
  6. by   Mommythompson710
    Thanks Missamelissy! I was having the same problem. Your trick worked
  7. by   bambina86
    Hey there! I've been following this blog and am so happy to say that I'll be starting this Fall with you guys! It's been a tough couple of years for me, I'm a single mom and just went back to school to finish my prereq's with the hopes of getting into Bellevue's program. I couldn't be happier! I can't wait to meet you and I'm so excited to dive into nursing school and learn all there is to know .. I hear the first quarter can be rough but we can do this!! I hope you all have a great summer and I'll see you at orientation in June!
  8. by   Mommythompson710
    Looking forward to getting started and meeting everybody in June...I just got bumped up to fall!!!
  9. by   badkat7
    Oh Bambino! You're enthusiasm is inspiring :-) I'm getting pretty pumped, too. More excited and less terrified every day. Now if I can just keep everything else in my life from completely falling apart LOL I'm eager for the 17th to just get here already! I want to know everything all at once!! Haha

    Congrats Danielle!

    Anybody going to be in the CPR class this Saturday? I have to renew it so my certification doesn't expire before fall starts. Anyway, I'll be there bright eyed and bushy tailed! :-)
  10. by   Leahlynne
    I got my call yesterday confirming my spot for Winter quarter!!! I am so extatic I don't know what to do with myself! I can't wait to start this exciting and also terrifying capter of my life! Hope its not as bad as some people make it out to be. But I'm ready, bring it nursing school!

    Anyone planning to work full time during the program? Has anyone heard how "doable" that is?
  11. by   whit3248
    I just got an acceptance call this morning for Winter quarter! Lost my mind with emotions and happiness! I look forward to meeting you Leah!
  12. by   badkat7
  13. by   badkat7
    Hey Friends! I found this nifty guide for getting your BC email on your smartphone and I thought I'd share it with y'all

    Connect your mobile device to Bellevue College email

    It worked for me and is much easier than waiting until I get home to remember to check it. Maybe its old news for you, maybe not, I thought I'd share anyway! See you Fall Folks on Monday!