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Hello! I am applying this February for the Bellevue College RN program for 2013-2014, I just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there that is applying for that time period as well?! Where... Read More

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    I applied and turned in my documentation the first week of January. I was also worried that, for some reason, I had not submitted enough documentation, but I haven't received any notification from Chie. I'm pretty sure she will email you if you are missing anything. When I applied for the NAC program, she notified me when I needed to bring in some things that I was missing.

    Has anyone else taken the NAC program at BC? Was it easy for you to get a job? I am currently in this program because I'd like to gain more experience in the healthcare profession before I (hopefully) start Nursing School. I am a bit worried because I have heard that it can be difficult to get a job if you do not have enough experience.

    swalken-That is very sad news! Was there an announcement posted anywhere on BC's website for this? When was this decided?

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    Swalken, is that really true? That is just terrible! BC should really have made an announcement about that.

    Chie did email me to tell me that my TB test results needed to have the mm induration on them, so I had to go back to my doctor and get new copies. I think everything is cool now, but i'm kicking myself for cutting it so close!

    I wanted to do the NAC program at BC since it is closest to me and already familiar but I can't do saturdays for religious reasons. Anyone know anything about the NAC program at renton tech?
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    Anyone know how many people applied this year?
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    I applied! And I'm already anxiously awaiting any news of placement. I know we won't hear anything until "April/May"....I'm just so excited! And nervous. Mostly excited!
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    I applied as well. Didn't start panicking until I read this forum and saw that there are only 56 slots open for this year... WHAT IS THAT NONSENSE!? I have had the worst luck with my CNA certification and now this... all due to clinicals! Hoping for the best though. I scored an 86 on my TEAS test and that was the only time I took it. As far as my GPA goes... I have transferred four times now over the last five years and so I'm not completely sure how they are going to transfer my grades over. Some of the schools I attended only gave A, B, C, D, etc., and I know that a +/- can make a big difference at some schools. I honestly have no clue where I rank, and I am especially curious as to how many people applied to the program for this year.
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    Still waiting....does anyone know if BC sends out a proper postal letter or just an email? SCCC sends out an email as your acceptance letter, which doesn't feel very formal; it just doesn't have the same ring to it. I guess I'm glad they save the paper, though :-)
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    I'm pretty sure that they send an actual paper letter through the mail. By the way, I called last week to find out when they would send the letters out and apparently we should have them by the end of this month or the beginning of May. The suspense is making me crazy! I just want to know!!
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    Yes! Did you apply anywhere else, Sunshine? I applied to central, and got in, but I'm really pulling for Bellevue even though central is close to home.
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    Nope, I didn't apply anywhere else! I really want to go to Bellevue. I'm getting pretty worried now that they cut 18 places from the program though!! It probably would have been smart to have a backup plan.

    Congrats on getting into central!!!
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    Thank you!!

    I can't believe they really cut so many spots. And of course, they come off the bottom of the list. Which, is where I would likely show up, if at all. It's so nerve wracking, this waiting! If I get a letter soon, I will post here immediately. It can't be long now!

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