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Hello! I am applying this February for the Bellevue College RN program for 2013-2014, I just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there that is applying for that time period as well?! Where... Read More

  1. by   dragonfly.
    I'm pretty sure that they send an actual paper letter through the mail. By the way, I called last week to find out when they would send the letters out and apparently we should have them by the end of this month or the beginning of May. The suspense is making me crazy! I just want to know!!
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  2. by   badkat7
    Yes! Did you apply anywhere else, Sunshine? I applied to central, and got in, but I'm really pulling for Bellevue even though central is close to home.
  3. by   dragonfly.
    Nope, I didn't apply anywhere else! I really want to go to Bellevue. I'm getting pretty worried now that they cut 18 places from the program though!! It probably would have been smart to have a backup plan.

    Congrats on getting into central!!!
  4. by   badkat7
    Thank you!!

    I can't believe they really cut so many spots. And of course, they come off the bottom of the list. Which, is where I would likely show up, if at all. It's so nerve wracking, this waiting! If I get a letter soon, I will post here immediately. It can't be long now!
  5. by   badkat7
    Monday, April 29th and still nothing.

    Waiting, hoping, waiting, hoping......
  6. by   missamelissy
    Hello everybody! I've been keeping an eye on this board and am with you all impatiently waiting for a letter.

    I considered last Thursday the first day that there was a good chance I'd get it. I can't imagine they'll send it any later than today, hopefully! In an email last week, Chie said they'd be out by the end of April. Here's to hoping because my mailman is certainly getting tired of me peering out my window and being on my doorstep while he's trying to do his thing .

    The news of the cut spots is very disheartening! I decided not to retake the TEAS as I was hoping to get in for the Winter and figured that my TEAS score would do just that! Alas, now I have quite a bit of worrying to do.

    But I wanted to join in on the conversation and wish everybody luck!
  7. by   badkat7
    Tuesday, April 30th. Still nothing. I may just take up drinking. (Kidding!!)

    I took my teas and was satisfied with the 87.3 I got, I was feeling pretty solid about Winter, too. Now of course, I want to claw my eyes out for ever having having felt a breath of confidence. Too close to call. Darnit.
  8. by   missamelissy
    Wow! We are in the exact same boat!

    Still nothing. And also waiting for news based on the *exact* same TEAS score!
  9. by   Jenngirl34RN
    I just checked the mail and no letter yet. I am having such a hard time being patient! I got a 92.7 on the TEAS, so I am hoping I least make it into the Winter start group. Good luck to all of you in the same boat!
  10. by   missamelissy
    I think a score in the 90s should still do it!

    I took it without studying at all. And I knew after taking it I should brush up on the science stuff and retake it, but I really wanted in the Winter start! So, I figured there was no sense spending the time and money. We'll see (hopefully soon) how ill-advised that decision was. Mail isn't here yet today, but if you didn't get it, I'm assuming I didn't either.
  11. by   dragonfly.
    I'm totally with you guys. I've been so anxious about this letter! Every day after I check the mail and it's not there I feel so defeated, like it's never going to come! And then I start worrying that something was wrong with my application or they lost it or something like that...

    If it doesn't come soon I think I might lose my mind! I hate the uncertainty of not knowing where I stand. Glad I have others to commiserate with, though!! Hang in there, guys!
  12. by   badkat7
    Thursday, May 2nd. Still nothing.

    I've got to tell you, the only thing comforting me right now is that none of you have gotten anything either. I would be losing my mind entirely.
    I imagine the fall cohort will have a similar teas average as the previous years, but the winter's will likely be higher. I don't think you have anything to worry about if you got somewhere in the 90's! Also, if your app was incomplete Chie would have emailed you. I was missing the PPD induration numbers and once I got that handed in, she confirmed via email that everything else was fine. Except the waiting. The waiting is not fine. The waiting is awful.
  13. by   missamelissy
    Nothing here either. I was out running errands at mail time and in order to calm my nerves about not being home to stalk the mailman, I checked this board. So, thanks for the daily updates!

    I can't believe how late this anxiety is being drawn out this year! If you check the boards from last year and the year before, the letters came between the 14th and 22nd of April! I wasn't feeling anxious until I realized that they actually usually come in April.

    But here's the little bit of comfort that I'm trying to hold on to: Maybe they're taking so long this year because they have been holding out to try and secure more clinical options so as not to cut so many spots. Don't quote me on this. It's simply my wishful thinking