Anyone Apply to Seattle Central Community College, ADN

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    Hey everyone!
    Just waiting on acceptance/rejection letters. I was wondering if anyone applied to Seattle Central Community College this year (for Fall 2010 entrance). If so, have you heard anything from them or do you know about when we should be hearing back?

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    Just curious, so they have officially abandoned the first-come, first-serve admission process now? Is this the first quarter that it's competitive admission?
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    j450n- I believe it is still a first-come, first-serve basis but they will still be sending out letters of acceptance. I think that there were quite a few applicants this year and I am unsure of when my application arrived compared to everyone else (which is why I was asking). So yes, they still have this acceptance policy for now, but I was informed that this system may change in the near future. This year and next year, they have already changed some of their admissions requirements so if you're thinking about attending SCCC, it might be best to keep up on their website or call them periodically to know exactly what's going on. Have you applied to any schools yet?
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    Thanks. I did check the website. Looks like they're requiring the TEAS soon. I was just curious. I love that area of Seattle.

    I recently was accepted into UW and Seattle U. I chose to attend UW starting summer. Good luck to you, Katieus!
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    I sent my application on Feb 1 and haven't heard anything yet. A friend of mine was told that we should be hearing back at the beginning of May. It seems like this process is taking WAY TOO LONG considering that the program is first come first served. I heard last Fall's class didn't hear back until mid-July. If that's the case this year I just might lose my mind! Good luck!
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    I just called Seattle Central and they said they would probably be sending out letters in June sometime. This is really frustrating because (like you had mentioned) I originally heard that they would be sent out in early May. I have also applied to other programs and they will need to hear back from me so it would be nice if Seattle Central could get back to us quickly about this! I just emailed the director of the program as well, to see if this was true and to see if she could give me a more accurate date. I really don't want to wait until July!
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    Oh, and good luck to you, too! :-)
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    And if I hear anything more about this, I'll definitely let you know!
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    Spoke with the nursing department today and they said that they will be sending letters out ASAP. Apparently they've all been written up and figured out but the dean broke her ankle or something and hasn't been in the office to approve all the letters going out. The lady in the office says she thinks it will be in the next few weeks we'll see a letter in the mail but she's not sure. She doesn't think it's going to be as late as June. I'm going to call next week too just to follow up and keep updated on their progress. I wish I could have just asked to see if she could look me up and see if I made the list or not but that's probably not possible... All this waiting is terrible!
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    *fingers crossed* for both of us! will you post and let me know if you got in? :-)

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