any suggestion on nursing school

  1. 0 I'm currently living in OR, moving to Spokane WA in June, anyone has suggestion what school i should go to for RN, how competitive they are and how hard are they to get into? Thanks
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    Quote from duckie224
    I'm currently living in OR, moving to Spokane WA in June, anyone has suggestion what school i should go to for RN, how competitive they are and how hard are they to get into? Thanks
    hi , I am not sure about the schools there but I live in a small town, and the 3 areas that have nursing schools near me are small also and they are very competitive, so i suggest that you apply to atleast 2 or 3 or more .then if you are accepted to more than one you can make a decision then, but I applied to 2 of them and one I did not get accepted and the other i did and I was very thankful , that I decided to apply to more than 1... otherwise I would be sitting out.. but perhaps you may get accepted to all that you apply.. .... I am now in my last semester and you will be there soon also! GOOD LUCK..................
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    thank you Kem7. You mentioned about 3 schools however, you did not mention the name? Would you let me know what the 3 please, thank you.
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    To answer you question regarding RN programs in the Spokane area, the following are ones that I know of:

    Intercollegiate College of Nursing is the only BSN program that I am aware of in the Spokane area. It is through 4 universities; Whitworth (in Spokane/private), Gonzaga (in Spokane/private), Eastern Washington University (in Cheney/public), and Washington State University (in Pullman/public). It is a very competitive program, and only 20% of those accepted are allowed from schools other than these 4. If the route you are desiring is BSN without having to do an RN-BSN program, it will probably be in your benefit to enroll at one of these schools prior to applying. When I was looking into it, acceptance was based on grades alone, no other factors (letter of recommendation, resume, experience, etc.) were considered.

    Big Bend Communtiy College in Moses Lake is about an hour and a half commute one way from Spokane, but it's all interstate (I-90). It offers an ADN program, but I'm not sure about entrance requirments.

    North Idaho College in Coeur d'Alene Idaho has an ADN program, and isn't more than a 40 minute commute (again all on I-90). However, you would then be facing out of state tuition which you would not have with the other programs, assuming you have gained Washington residency prior to applying to programs.

    I am not aware of any other schools in the Spokane area that offer RN programs, but there are others in Eastern Washington. Tri-Cities (Pasco) or Walla Walla would be the closest that I am know of, although it's a bit far for a daily commute.

    Hope this helps, feel free to post or PM me if you have any other questions...I just finished my pre-reqs and have been applying to programs; mostly in Seattle, Tri-Cities, Walla Walla and Texas though; but I might be able to answer some questions. Best of luck!
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    Thanks Carisa
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    No Problem! I also got to looking a little more this morning, and Spokane Community College has an ADN program. I'm not sure about any of the details, but at the very least it would be a good back up plan! Hope all goes well, Good Luck!

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