Any Grays Harbor CC or Peninsula College Students?

  1. Good day to y'all,
    I am hoping to start an ADN program in a rural coastal area of WA this upcomming fall. My top choices are Gray's Harbor CC in Aberdeen and Peninsula College in Port Angeles. I would like general information on applying to the program (I've read the website and emailed advisors but I would like a students prespective). For PC what did you write about in your essay? Do you think someone with a 4.0 in prereqs could get in with a so-so essay? How many people applied? For GHCC what were your points? Do you know the cut off points for your class?
    Also what are the schools/community like. Are people there supportive and accepting of people who move there just for school? How are daycares and elementary schools in the area? Does the college have one? Any basic information would be appreciated!
    (I think the decreass in cost of living compared to Seattle would make the cost of moving to one of these communities for school worth it!)
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