Any CNAs/NARs In Spokane, Wa Seeking Work?!

  1. Hello all! I know this is a bit uncustomary since I've only been at my current job for a little over four months but my supervisor and I are being worked to the bone and we really need a third caregiver to help us all have some time off once in awhile! She's asked that I try to send folks her way if I can and so I thought of this forum. Anyway, the job is in an AFH in Spokane Valley. It's light duty, the residents are dementia clients and they are all very soft spoken and polite and self-care other than bathing, passing out meds and the occasional "accident". You are basically there to keep an eye on things, keep the house nice, cook, clean and pass out meds. And play Bingo at 10am in the mornings. There is one house-cat and he is like the house mascot who comes and goes at will. His name is "Draco". The shifts available right now are from Mon-Friday 2pm to 9pm with some over-nights. I come in on Friday at 9pm and work all Saturday and all Sunday and am relieved on Monday at 8am. If anyone is interested in this position please call my supervisor Teri at Sherwood Forest AFH at 1-509-928-7542 and leave a message with the staff on duty (which would be me! Lol!) if Teri's not there, with your contact info. We need someone to start yesterday! Thank you!!
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