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Hello everyone, I took the pre entrance exam at UDC about three weeks ago and now I'm waiting on my results. I'm really searching for a good LPN program, please let me know if UDC is a good... Read More

  1. by   foxy824
    Quote from hpflrn
    i am currently a student at UDC and i want to tell everyone is to PLEASE do your research before you commit your money into this program or any other. i have attended college before and have never had an experience like this before. good luck in your search

    @hpflrn~ I just took the entrance exam at UDC and am waiting to get my results. I would really really like to know of your experience in this program b 4 i make this big commitment to this program. Can u please email me personally ASAP as I do not have a chance to get on this site as much as I would like because my job blocks this site for some crazy reason. My email address is foxy824@hotmail.com I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again
  2. by   qmarine13
    am currently a student at UDC..this program was a total mess..first they never tell you which books to buy..for background checks they have only one place you can go to(global)which dowent make sence its like they get commisions off it...the directors really dont care much about any1 so are the people in charge....GO TO BSN STRAIGHT UP...i feel av wasted my money and time at UDC..its a waste of time n money here..go somewhere else
  3. by   qmarine13
    ADVICE:get another school.i feel like i wasted my time at UDC..they dont have a well structured program and every1 seems to be failing..UDC is just a name...actually the school has changed its name to ccdc....n have a poor management.....rating 10%