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Hi, just wondering if anyone knows much about Trinity University in DC. I'm trying to start Nursing school next Spring and Marymount may just be outta reach.....I'm a 2nd degree student! I'll take any advice you might have! Thank... Read More

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    i graduated with a 3.8. however that was not always the case prior to choosing nursing as my major. you will definitely be able to keep up!!!! if you are passionate about something like nursing, then you will be fine. b’s get degrees!!!! you do not have to be a straight a student. all you need is a true desire and whole hearted commitment. the understanding translated into awesome grades will follow.

    i lived off campus. however, i do know plenty of people who lived on campus and found it to be economical with a stronger sense of security so to speak. trinity is right up the road from the brooklyn & catholic u metro, (redline) so it is definitely metro accessible as well.

    my only thought is that trinity is very expensive, approximately 22k a year not including summer classes. (if you are willing to spend that much, or a bit more… you may want to check out catholic university as well) also look into columbia union, towson, university of maryland and salisbury as well…

    best of luck and never second guess your dreams~

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    So, do you have clinicals in the first semester? What hopsital do you go to?

    thanks for all the info!
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    i believe there is one clinical in the first semester; the curriculum keeps changing so i am not that sure. as far as hospital sites for clinical rotations, here are some of the ones trinity uses: washington hospital center, children’s national medical center, the va hospital, the hospital for sick children, sibley memorial hospital, shw, howard university hospital, providence hospital, and pgh. this list is always evolving, so you may want to call trinity and ask.

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