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Hey does anyone know of any new grad/RN opportunities or residency programs starting up in the next 4 months???... Read More

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    Yes ciku03, the recruiter will call you with some standard interview questions: Why virginia hospital center? Why did you apply to this particular unit? your experiences?

    Good luck!

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    Hello fashionistaRN,

    I applied to Virginia hospital center because they have a fellowship program for new grads. I am interested in L&D and they have an opening. I did my phone screen/interview today and the recruiter said if i hear from them it will be in 2 weeks.
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    Hope the phone screening went well! Good luck!
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    I just got my license in Sep and I'm on the job hunt. I had a phone interview with Virginia Hospital Center about a week ago, should I call them back or wait another week? I am just eager and excited to start working and I kinda want to work in a hospital, but the way this whole new grad thing works I'd be willing to take what I can get just so I can get more experience.
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    Wouldn't hurt to call them back! My suggestion: apply any and everywhere! Good luck
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    This economy stinks!
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    Hi ciku03, how did your interview go?I recently applied for VHC and passed phone screen and got face to face interview, how long does it take for them to respond?Thanks
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    I'm also interested in current (2014) new grad positions. I see most of the comments here were from '11-'13
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    @ MeiLana, have you applied yet?

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