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Hey everyone, is anyone applying or did applied for the new graduate RN program 2012 from Georgetown University Hospital???... Read More

  1. by   jodell293
    Would you mind to be more specific on what area you initially chose and currently are now . Maybe that'd give a clearer perpective on those two specific areas . I appreciate it , thanks.
  2. by   wrenurse
    Hi all,

    I would love some input from someone who knows a bit about how Georgetown works. I was accepted to New Grad Day and am currently interviewing in the NICU after being moved from pediatrics. I have little experience with it but fell in love during my OB clinicals, and did my internship in adult onco. Because I was moved from peds, I'm debating about moving from the NICU to adult oncology due to lack of NICU experience and I'm assuming it's a popular choice for new grads. Any advice if I should switch to get experience, or should I stay with what I like?

    Thank you so much! I appreciate it!
  3. by   1989nurse
    I can tell you this (I know as much about Georgetown as you do...)- I was in the same exact situation. When asked what else I would consider, my first answer was NICU. That being said, and maybe this is some strange coincidence, but I would imagine if both you and I wanted a peds position and both our second choices were NICU, I would then think, chances are, many others bumped from peds probably wanted NICU. It certainly sounded like to me from the recruiter that I should chose the unit where I had the years of experience for the best chance if I would be happy accepting a job on same unit for 2 years. Obviously, in this job market I would happily accept a job anywhere so I forwent the NICU route and went with the unit I have the time in. Not for nothing but it makes sense and chances are, if I am going to know anything or feel "comfortable" anywhere as quick as possible, it's probably going to be the unit I've been exposed to for the past few years.... I think you should ask yourself this- how strong can you interview? if given 5 minutes to talk to the director of the NICU, could you sell yourself just as well as someone who also has a resume with time as a NICU patient tech and neonatal resuscitation program certifications? if you think you can- do it. otherwise it sounds like adult onco might be the best bet if you could live with that position for 2 years and show your passion for same in an interview... that is the vibe i got at least... and think, once you "pay your dues" and get your two years in, the very essence youre an rn with experience and a mere fraction of the liability you are today, regardless where, you will have far greater success transferring to the unit of your dreams... not to mention youll have two years to network and talk to the people you need to talk to to get where you want to me. and coming from someone who was your in exact position- thinking about it- im not sure if you have kids or not, but I don't have any and even as a nurse (or almost), i dont think i would ever want a new grad nurse taking care of my 25 week old... any miniscule error in moving, medication, suction level etc. can mean life or death. that is a huge burden when you have experience let alone when you dont.
  4. by   mcs07012
    I find it strange that we are only able to interview for one particular unit. I don't have a definitive area of interest, so I put on the application/coverletter that I am flexible, think I would fit well in the ED, but would love any unit. I got a call yesterday from an HR woman (seriously the nicest woman in the world) and she left me a message asking for me to give a definitive "FIRST CHOICE" (even though we apparently only get to have ONE choice) and told me that the ED may not be a good idea if I haven't had work or capstone experience in emergency. I called her back and she listed a bunch of units, we talked about what I am looking for and she ended up suggesting a specific unit for me. I think it is nice that they discourage particular units in which our chances are slim. These are some things I found out:
    A. They don't really know exactly how many positions are open
    B. Medical units for some reason have a very low turn over rate, and are looking to hire only one, or
  5. by   mcs07012
    (sorry, the TAB button sent it too early)

    B. Medical units may hire one new grad or NO new grads- it's interesting that it seems like some units are hiring more than one, some maybe more than 2.
    C. We will have NO opportunity to interview for any other units- which makes me wonder how this thing goes on for the ENTIRE day.

    Also, I have been reading some concerning posts on multiple websites about the salary at Georgetown. Apparently it is about 28/hr. That is super low I think, because my instructors/professors who are all assuming we all want to work in the state our university is in, have been telling us to not accept less than 40/hr. The closest hospital to my campus offers 45/hr for RNs (including new grads). Honestly, I don't really mind, but the cost of living in DC is pretty high and its surprising that the salaries don't reflect that. At this point, what I am interested is a job, not so much money- just thought I would mention it.
  6. by   mcs07012
    Does anyone know how many total new grads are invited to this?
  7. by   SailorWifey
    Mcs07012, did they mention that they are allowing people to interview in such units where possibly no opportunities exist? That hardly seems fair! Although, maybe they would call these people like they did for you?
  8. by   0402
    $28/ hr is on the high end of normal for a New Grad in the DC area- I actually thought GUH was a little lower than that, like $26 or 27/hr. I work in NoVA, as an RN2, and my base is only 28.19 (and at this hospital, new grads make $25/hr, I believe). I was definitely very surprised at how little RNs make here, compared to the COL. Our last duty station was in San Diego, where the COL is very comparable, and starting pay there, for new grads, was in the low $30's/ hr.
  9. by   wrenurse
    That seems very strange about the medical units, I feel like that would be the best place to put new grads since they are usually best for understanding basic nursing practice. I talked with the woman in HR and she happily put me on adult oncology, where I have much more experience, than somewhere like the NICU.
    I do agree that it doesn't seem fair that they would only put us on one unit, even if there isn't a good chance to get hired there. They should let us at least have a chance on another unit of sorts! I don't understand how it lasts all day if we can only be on one unit.
  10. by   Wolf at the Door
    For those who had clinicals, how was your experience at GUH?

    Anyone applying for an ICU position?

    I am not sure what GUH wants new grads to apply in? If they have units in mind they want new grads to fill I would think they would limit the choices. Personally I don't think anyone should limit there where they want if it is two years.
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  11. by   Wolf at the Door
    So what did you all think of new grad day?
    I think the ER had 4 spots well really 3 they were gonna hire. 12 people showed up.
    L& D had about 5-6
    Peds like 40
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  12. by   1989nurse
    Funnywoman- did you interview for the ER? What was your impression of the ER?
  13. by   Wolf at the Door
    Quote from 1989nurse
    Funnywoman- did you interview for the ER? What was your impression of the ER?
    what did you want to know about it? I had mixed feelings all around.