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Hey everyone, is anyone applying or did applied for the new graduate RN program 2012 from Georgetown University Hospital???... Read More

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    Thanks oppon262!! My status still says under review. And I did get the email saying we would be notified on the 28 th but didn't hear that day, better yet at all since then!!
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    Yes, I applied and received an invite on the 28th.
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    Maybe I got wait listed then. If I don't hear by next Tuesday I might call to find out. I just want to know either way at this point!
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    em20, I definetely would call and find out
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    Hey there,
    I applied in Sept when the application first opened, took my battery test and didnt hear anything. Then I got a call on the 29th of December. It was Anne, the nurse recruiter. She asked if I was interested in one of their units and I said yes of course. She called their nurse manager and she said she could interview me that day. The nurse manager called me back a half hour later. We talked for about 15min and she asked me to fly down on the 3rd for a second interview and to shadow the unit. It all happened sooo fast. I live in Seattle so this is a big jump for me. Wish me luck on Tuesday that it goes well!
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    Which unit are you interviewing for?
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    Zagnurse5 that's awesome!! Good luck! Did you graduate this semester or are you finishing in May?
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    Hi All,

    I applied for the New Grad Day as soon as the application went up- coincidentally, I was researching GUH and learned the applications were to go up the next day. I am from NJ and go to school in CT, so Georgetown wasn't totally on my radar. Anyway, I got an invitation on the 28th and was pleasantly surprised. When I called the next day expecting to leave a RSVP message, I was thrown off when a nurse recruiter answered. She asked me about my clinical area of interest and told me to send the completed application packet in ASAP.

    I am starting to get really nervous about this all day event. Does anyone know anything about what to expect? I saw some threads about New Grad Day, but they may be out-dated.

    Congratulations to everyone for graduating this year!
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    Mcs, I have no idea what to expect either. I also explored the old posts. What units did you expressInterest in? I felt the same way when I called and there was a recruiter and not a recording. Wasn't expecting to list preferenceson the spot but I went with my gut and listed the two areas I've worked in! good luck
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    Looks like I'm on the waitinglist. I called today and spoke with someone. Hoping to hear back with an invite, they seemed optimistic about it but I guess we shall see!

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