Georgetown University Hospital Open House - page 2

Hi, I'm a soon to be new-december BSN grad... I've been talking to a recruiter at GUH who seems great and am planning on coming to the all day open house/ interview on October 25th.. Anyone done... Read More

  1. by   madison2383
    Hi, and congrats on the invite!!!

    Just curious, which positions did you apply for on GUH website?

    Thanks in good Luck!
  2. by   cannew304
    I went to the open house 3 years ago, and everything was nice except I only ended up being able to interview on one floor, even though I had expressed interest in 3 different areas. There were probably 35-40 people interviewing for peds, so I sat and waited for almost 2 hours, and it took them more than 2 weeks to offer positions (by which time I had accepted a position at another hospital). I was bummed that I didn't get a chance to interview in PICU or NICU. Just be careful!!