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    Well, I applied for the Direct Entry into Nurse Practitioner Program as my specialty, and I think it's really cool that I get to go meet with both the BSN school and the Nurse Practitioner School when I'm out there. But, msnkiss, it would be awesome since your interview is before mine if you were to post a basic flow of the interview when it's done. I'm just curious if they are just asking questions like "Why do you want to be a nurse" or if it's more like the STARS approach and "Name a time when you feel that......." type of thing. Any guidance after your experience would be greatly appreciated!

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    I said earlier that my interview is on March 17 and now I'm really happy with my date. For those who have read about my insomnia, I went to the hospital on 2/23 and stayed until 2/28. I'm not sure it was completely necessary, all I have to say is that my mom made me go. It's probably for the best since I have benefits that will allow me to keep my job. Oh and I'm definitely going to have to take Micro in the summer :angryfire. I would prefer to take it in the fall since I have already taken nutrition and human growth and development-but I don't know if they'll make me retake it. I hope not! Oh well. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. And to addie516 and to those who didn't get an interview I'm sure Laura Adams wouldn't mind giving you feedback on you application as to why you didn't receive one. If you're not set on Georgetown concentrate on your other programs. While some of us got interviews there is still no guarantee that we will get in, we will continue to hope and pray for the best. I'll tell you that I'm still concentrating on my other 2 applications-I originally going to apply to 5 schools they have since been narrowed down to 3. I would also say spend a lot of time on your essay!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I interviewed for Georgetown in the fall for the January start date and got in but deferred to the fall, so I may be seeing some of you in fall.

    Don't worry about the interview day - it's very relaxed. The interviews are very short and weren't really difficult questions. It was pretty standard to how other schools have been interviewing - why do you want to be a nurse? How are you going to be able to handle the accelerated pace?

    They will give you a tour the building, bring in current students and faculty to talk with you. Laura and Michelle are really great at making you feel at ease.

    Just be honest and yourself and you will be fine! Easier said than done I know.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you spygirl19 for the words of encouragement. May I ask why you decided to defer until the fall?
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    Did you guys get the information about their scholarship if you sign a contract with the Washington HOspital? I wonder if you can still receive the scholarship if you continue on your MSN.... I am excited to interivew on Monday.. should be interesting... Did you guys apply anywhere else?
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    Spygirl19, thank you so much for your words of wisom and encouragment. You make me feel much more relaxed about my interview on Thursday.

    Msnkiss, how did it go? I signed up for the hospital tour for the morning of my interview also, so if you went, what exactly is all of that about? How long is the contract? Did you find out about the possibility of it mixed with the MSN program? I guess I could just wait a few days and find out for myself, but since I am still pretty nervous about it, I'm going to ask.

    Also, how did you get to the college the day of your interview? I will be staying with some friends outside of DC about 25 minutes away, and I know how traffic is in that area. I can either drive or take the subway and then the shuttle. I'm just worried that the shuttle will be difficult to find at the Rossyln station or something having never been to Georgetown before. Also, how far is the walk from the shuttle or the parking lot to St. Mary's hall where we have to meet?

    Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get myself straight and organized for Thursday.
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    Just a tip for everyone who hasn't gone to their interview yet, if you are interested in the scholarship program at WHC, make sure you go to the "optional information session." There is an application process for it, but the staff really tries to get to know everyone during this session and takes notes on the candidates, so it's a good place to make an impression. The staff was really nice, and it was very laid back (and they had a great spread for breakfast too), but try to get go to the session if you have the ability. Technically, I'm giving advice to the "enemy" here since you all are my competition, but I like to make sure that everyone goes in as informed as possible so that everyone has equal opportunity. Good luck to everyone too, and hopefully I'll see some of you at Georgetown in August.
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    So, anybody heard? I found out that I have been accepted to both 2nd degree BSN and Direct Entry into ACNP!!!!
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    Congratulation to all of you who have been accepted into the accelerated program for this fall of 2008. If any of you are interested in buying your books used and saving some money, I am selling most of my books for the first semester courses: Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Nutrition, and Health Care Delivery. I am selling the books at 10% below the price the bookstore on campus sells them for. Let me know if you are interested. You can reach me at My name is Paul by way. Once again, congrats to all of you, and I look forward to meeting you in a few months!

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