Georgetown Accelerated BSN hopefuls -- fall 2013 - page 6

Hey -- anyone else applying to GU Fall of 2013? :)... Read More

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    Professor T, I have about three different essays written and no idea which one to go with haha! I'll probably wait till the last minute to decide!

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    BRE, you should have friends read them and vote! :-)
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    Yay! Emails are out. I'm so relieved. Anybody else know when they're going?
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    Just got the email about school visits and WHC!
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    I'm so excited to visit! I am thinking about going for the information session on April 8th. Anyone else?
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    I am thinking April 5th for Gtown and April 6th for WHC! Any ideas on attire for both? I am assuming the 6th is interview attire...?
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    Just got the news, woohoo! I am leaning toward business casual for Georgetown and business attire for interviews at WHC. I think I'm going to do the April 5/6 schedule as well, so I'll see you there mnelligan! Congrats to everyone who has made it this far.
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    YAYYYYY Just RSVPed for the 5th and 6th! I will probably dress up both days, but definitely more for Saturday. People have said to wear comfortable shoes for the WHC visit though, because you walk a lot!
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    I will also be attending on April 5/6 :-) Best of luck to everyone!!
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    I'm also RSVPing for the 5th and 6th.

    By the way, does anyone know about applying for financial aid with Georgetown?

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