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  1. by   LeftAtrium82
    I checked their site and the important deadline section mentions that we don't hear back until early April. Dang, so far away!!
  2. by   ProfessorT
    Hello, Everyone! I'm so glad I found this thread! I have had crazy challenges with NursingCAS (one of my schools even altered my official transcript because they no longer offer plus or minus grades), so I'm a bit worried about how that might delay my application process. I was relieved to find out info regarding scholarship and application materials from your posts, so thank you! I was an EMT-B and LPN years ago, but a physical illness sidelined me, so I went another route into currently teaching English at George Mason. However, now that I'm healthy again, I'd love to return to the profession and work with geriatric patients, as well as become a nurse educator. I'm also interested in mental health nursing. Please post if you receive any correspondence from Georgetown, particularly the campus invite and the hospital scholarship. I hope everyone receives good news! It sounds like a fantastic program.
  3. by   isy123
    Looks like emails went out for the WHC application! I really wish we could find sooner about the selected applicants for the campus visits, but I guess we will have to be patient and wait. I figure in the next two weeks or so we should get more information since the campus visits are in early April and I know they need to give people enough time to purchase flights and make other arrangements to be able to attend.
  4. by   ProfessorT
    Good luck, everyone!
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  5. by   ProfessorT
    I suspect they may invite selected applicants this week because their spring break just ended. So nerve-wracking!
  6. by   BRE5013
    I understand that people might be sensitive about answering this, as we are all competing for the WHC scholarship, but I was wondering if people are writing about ONE specific experience and lesson (ex: working with one student or patient one and one and what you learned from that specific patient) or if people are writing about something like a work experience as a whole and different character traits that they learned from that work experience. I am stuck and don't know which route would be better to take...
  7. by   ProfessorT
    Hi, BRE, I think that's a great question, and your essay would likely depend on your life experience. I happen to be writing about one experience in particular because I cared for my dying housemate. Although the prompt asks for "a challenge" in the singular, you may have had a challenge that kept repeating itself throughout time; sometimes things happen to us over and over until we learn the lesson from it. Detailing that journey to your lesson could be highly impacting for your audience. On the other hand, isolating a single time of being challenged can have its advantages because you can be more specific, vivid, and in-the-moment, which better helps the audience feel what you went through. I have my students write personal narratives in class, and the most powerful ones tend to be highly sensory and in-the-moment, drawing the reader in almost as if the reader is experiencing that moment with the writer for the first time. These types of scholarship prompts tend to put us in a place of summarizing a moment from a distance. But, if you move your "camera" closer to that moment, it enables your audience to really see who you are, how you react to the world around you, and what is in your heart. A thousand words gives us some leeway to tell our story rather than summarize our experiences, which is an awesome opportunity. Think of it as a mini-memoir of your most pivotal moment, and then work out from there to how you would apply the lesson in the future to specific patients. Good luck! You will do well!
  8. by   BRE5013
    Wow, thank you ProfessorT! I'm certainly nervous to be competing against your essay for the scholarship!!! Haha!
  9. by   ProfessorT
    Ha. No worries, BRE. We're all nervous about something. It's not like hospitals are on the lookout for English professors, right? ;-)
  10. by   BRE5013
    Has any one heard about from Georgetown yet about the school visit?
  11. by   ProfessorT
    No. I just got on to see if anyone else had. This sure is a long wait, particularly for out-of-state applicants who may need to purchase a last-minute plane ticket. BRE, how did the essay go? Hope it went well!
  12. by   BRE5013
    Professor T, I have about three different essays written and no idea which one to go with haha! I'll probably wait till the last minute to decide!
  13. by   ProfessorT
    BRE, you should have friends read them and vote! :-)