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Hey -- anyone else applying to GU Fall of 2013? :)... Read More

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    Quote from nickriga
    What kind of healthcare experience do people have here? Any LPNs, EMTs, or CNAs? I'm volunteering at a hospital right now, but I'm looking at a couple different "hands-on" patient care opportunities.

    I haven't had any direct healthcare experience in say, a hospital, so I didn't really feel like I could add anything under that section of the application considering the way they defined it. I did a full time internship doing recreational therapy in an assisted living facility for a semester. I also worked for about a year as an in-home caregiver and got A LOT of hands on interaction at that job so I'm hoping those two experiences help!
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    Ahoy everyone! Thought I would throw in my two cents since my application materials are finally all in place. I've worked as a home health aide and CNA forever. I totally recommend finding casual employment as an aide in a hospital--it's grueling, but it doesn't require much training and you can learn a ton about the nitty gritty of nursing (when my coworkers found out I was finally applying, they asked why on earth I'd go into nursing after all I've seen). Good luck to everyone!
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    Has anyone heard any additional information from Georgetown since the initial e-mail saying they received your application? On the application guide, it said that they would be sending out information on the WHC Scholar application in mid February but I haven't heard anything else from them...
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    I haven't heard anything since that preliminary email. Hoping for something soon just so I know the gears are moving!
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    Nothing other than that email here either!
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    My GPA is finally calculated on the NursingCAS site! Hopefully this means we'll be getting more information soon
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    Still no GPA calculation for me!
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    Mine had to have just been posted because I've been checking it pretty frequently so I'm sure they'll have yours done soon too. Also, I e-mailed admissions asking about when we'd be getting the information on the WHC scholars program so I'll let everyone know if I hear back!
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    GPA has posted for me on NursingCAS. The gears are turning once again!
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    I checked their site and the important deadline section mentions that we don't hear back until early April. Dang, so far away!!