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Hi! Just wanted to start another thread relating to GW's accelerated nursing program. Is anyone applying? They extended the deadline to March 1st and wondering if there weren't many applicants or... Read More

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    Quote from dlrosen
    Hi NYC,

    I am looking at NCLEX pass rates, affiliations of hospitals (as that would help me determine the type of population I'd be working with), job prospects, since we will be "networking" (most likely) during our clinicals, as well as overall price and length of program. Most of the schools I applied too are comparable, with an exception of a couple. It's difficult, but I'm not overlooking the fact that I'm blessed to even say I have options... just a few months ago, I was desperately praying to get into ONE. I first heard from Creighton University in Omaha (another great school) and thought that was going to be my new "home" in the next year. Now that isn't so true. =)

    I will also say that now that I am researching more about GWU's program, I can't help but get more excited. The clinical sites look pretty amazing, the staff so far have been nothing but great, prompt, and organized, and I have family nearby (as an added bonus). Plus living in another state is a little exciting, since all I know so far is California. I just wish I could get in contact with someone who either is in the program currently or has already graduated to hear about their experience. Maybe I'll call on Monday to see if I can talk to someone and I'll post here...

    Kinda a lengthy response (sorry)!
    Hi, I'm debating between George Mason (would have to be out of state, but still cheaper than GW) and GWU.. I'm curious to know where you are looking for information to compare schools as I've found myself going around in circles and it's quiet time consuming.. I really don't know which school to choose... I'd like to be able to choose Mason b/c its so much cheaper but GWU has such a great reputation, the facilities are new/state of the art, and they are soo responsive... is it worth the extra money? I feel like I'm choosing between designer fashion and brand name lol

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    If anyone else here is debating between George Mason and GWU, I'd love to know your thoughts or any info you've found from researching their differences... I'm going crazy trying to make a decision. thanks
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    Hello Everyone,

    I've created a group page on FB. Just look up George Washington University ABSN Class of 2012. If there are issues, please post on here and I'll see what I can do. I've never created a page for anything, but here's to trying!

    I know we received an email recently about getting contact info in the next few weeks, but figured I'd make the page anyway to get a jump start. =) I'm really excited to meet you all and can't wait for August to arrive!
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    so glad you guys did what i did & applied at george washington university (gwu) which is fully accredited. it is a quality "name" school with excellent instructors. i also applied at shenandoah university (leesburg, va) & i got in but on the day i came in to interview, nursing students were arguing & crying in the hallway. the instructors were in disarray with their hands on their hips & i felt a certain tension that all was not well. well, i turned around and headed home because shenandoah university is not professional enough for the job that they need to do; namely, instruct tomorrows nursing leaders. i have friends who graduated from shenandoah who claim that the staff (all female) are misogynistic (hate women) so it may be best to stay clear.

    here is a timely article about misogyny i found in forbes. shenandoah university in lessburg, va has this problem in spades and it starts at the top. if you hear about environments like this, itis not your problem it is theirs. stay away...

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    Very true sentiment but it is not exclusive to Shenandoah Uni. at all. Unfortunately, I have seen this phenomenon at our clinicals among nurses and have heard from other student that are attending other accelerated programs in NOVA. I am graduating from SU accelerated program this December. I was also accepted to GWU, but I decided to go to SU because of the price difference. Plus, I got scholarship and grant offers from SU. Before I made my decision, I talked to many nurses about schools, most of them agreed that school name does not matter that much when you are applying for a job. The only important thing is to pass NCLEX. SU has 95% passing rate.
    Because of the nature of the accelerated program, it is a high stress environment. During summer semester, we have regular exams, ATI exams, two days of clinicals with care plans and etc, every week. My take on this: you get as much as you put in. There is a lot of self directed learning. But we all have degrees and should be able to to this.
    Back on the subject of woman hating woman, nurses eating their youngs, unfortunately, it seems like there are women out there who believe that in order to succeed, you have to step on others. Women gossip, talk behind each other and yes we all do get our emotions take control of us especially during our monthly hormonal changes. I have seen this among my classmates and nurses on the floor. You will have some women like this anywhere. So, "name " schools, in this case GWU will come with higher price tag, but at the end if I am able take my NCLEX exam and pass it, it does not matter that much.
    BTW, talking to other students from schools like Marymount, George Mason, they seems to have very similar issues. Just wanted to give another perspective on this issue. Good luck!
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    Hi everyone... is anyone attending Spring 2013 at GWU?
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    Hi dirosen,

    I am very interested in applying to GWU and was wondering if you could tell me what your undergrad GPA was and the grades you had to your pre reqs. Also if you did any volunteer work related to nursing?
    I would really appreciate it

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