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ABSN Georgetown Spring 2013 - page 3

Would anyone currently in Georgetown's accelerated BSN program like to share some tips about the interview for the WHC scholarship? Any other general comments or tips about the program are also... Read More

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    What is the name of the facebook group? I can't find it!

    I'm looking for an apartment!
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    Please post the facebook group name.

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    I can't seem to find the facebook group either! I'd definitely be interested in coordinating housing. I've been living in Alexandria for the past year but would love to move into Georgetown or Rosslyn before January.


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    Th Facebook Group name is Georgetown ABSN Spring 2013.
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    Hi guys,
    I am in the fall cohort that just started. I am about to sell my book back but wanted to see if anyone who is starting in the spring wants to buy them from me first. I wold sell them to you at a lower price than the bookstore obviously. I was going to post this on facebook but I couldn't find a facebook group for your cohort. If anyone is interested you can email me at fmcn1212a@aol.com. Thanks.

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    Hi! I applied for the program to start this fall. Just got the news that my application is through to the final review and I am scheduled to visit Georgetown and WHC on April 5-6. I know that when this thread was new, you were all competing and therefore didn't want to share too much information. I am hoping that now that you are all attending (or not attending) the program, you will be willing to share a little bit more information about your interview and the program I was hoping to find out more about what people wore for each visit, what questions were asked during interviews and group discussions, and what your overall impression was about the interview process. Also, I was wondering what those of you who are attending the program now think about it, as well as the WHC scholarship. Are you glad you chose the program and why or why not? Any other general pointers you have would be much appreciated!

    Thank you in advance for your response!!
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    BRE, looks like we think alike! ha ha.
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    Hi! I'm happy to help - I spent a lot of time on this website when I was applying to nursing school. I could never get a thread going on here - we were a small cohort and I don't think it was the competition that kept people from posting. Our group interview was more of an information session on the first day, and then the WHC interview on the second day was a group interview followed by an individual interview with one of the faculty. Make sure you've got some good questions prepared! They have students come in, and I think the more questions you ask the more you'll be remembered.

    Definitely dress very professionally - suits, etc. I wore a black dress and a cardigan and then a pant-suit. I'd wear flats over heels because you do a bit of walking both days - but if you're comfortable in heels it's definitely doable. Make sure that you have really thought about what made you want to become a nurse and why Georgetown in particular is your top choice - they will definitely ask you about this. If you're interviewing for WHC, make sure you familiarize yourself with the scholars program (eg 3-year commitment, no pediatrics, mental health or community/public health there, etc) and can articulate some good reasons why you'd like to work there. It all seems intimidating, but everyone is super friendly - from the other applicants to the faculty to the staff at GU.

    I love the program so far, and am so happy I made the choice to go to GU. There's quite a bit of pressure to do well (mostly that we put on ourselves because we're a bunch of type-A personalities), but our cohort is incredibly supportive and the faculty really emphasize that they are there for you and will help you when you're having difficulty handling the pressure/stress.

    Happy to answer any other questions, but they have to wait until at least Monday night - we have a big exam on Monday !
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    ProfessorT - see comment above
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    Thanks, eliz! That was very helpful!
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    Thank you so much eliz! I appreciate your help!
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    Hey BRE5013 ,

    I hope your interviews are going well! I am flying out to DC next weekend to interview for both the nursing program and WHC scholarship. I much appreciate any tips, suggestions or insight you have to offer on either interview. I also understand any hesitation you might have around sharing your experience with me at this stage of the process. Regardless, I wish you the best and good luck! Perhaps we will see each other in the Fall!

    Thank You,
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    MoonK!! I'm so sorry, I haven't been checking the forum lately so I only saw this post today! I definitely would have given you some tips..I know I posted some previously in another thread. I hope your interview and visit went well!